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The band…

Ben: Drums,
Nick: Guitar and Vocals
Daff: Guitar
Jake: Bass and Vocals
Zak: Guitar

1. How did you guys meet and what drove you to make music together?

Some of us went to high school together and others went skateboarding around town. I suppose we just came together for a ‘common love of uncommon music’ as Nick says.

2. Where are you from and where are you based?

We’re from a town called Geelong in the state of Victoria. It’s about an hour away from Melbourne so a lot of our shows are in Melbourne just because there’s a lot more venues there and even more bands. Having said that, Geelong’s slogan is ‘the place to be’. They don’t lie about that. There’s a lot of good young bands in Geelong that are all very impressive.

3. How would you describe the style you play?

The style we play is very 60’s influenced. We all grew up listening to 60’s tunes – some of us liking the grittier side and some liking the more British poppy side, so I guess it’s got all that in there. Nowadays we pretty much listen to all sorts of things. Occasionally something else might slip in but its pretty much 60’s music with 3 guitars – sometimes it’s pretty sloppy.

4. What are your live shows like?

They’re pretty loud and unorganised but we try and have lots of fun. I guess beer always gets things going.

 5.  What are your main influences in music? Who do/would you play covers by? And who do you despise?

If you asked each one of us we’d probably say different bands. So me personally, I like the Modern Lovers, the Velvet Underground… all that back from the grave stuff, obviously. Just loose, improvised, gritty yet catchy music. That’s what I love most. I despise all these new ‘indie’ bands that have given ‘indie’ a bad name.

6. What are your main influences outside of music?

Umm, I’m not sure I have many – my girlfriend, the Simpsons… I always steal lines from the Simpsons and use it in songs.

7. How many official recordings have you done?  How many released?  Where can they be found? And who write your songs and what subjects do you deal with?

We’ve done plenty of recordings. I’m not sure what you count as ‘official’. We’ve done recordings in proper studios that have turned out sounding like shit and most of our releases are all done live to a four-track in a lounge room or a record shop and they’ve turned out fine. Our last single ‘All night long’ was done in our friends lounge room onto his four-track and we tried to re-record it at this studio with all this vintage gear and it just didn’t turn out as good for some reason. Most of our recordings are found in Europe – not many around in Australia. Most of our songs are written by Nick, a couple by me and some by Jake too. Most of them dealt with girls at the start, now its just about not having money or feeling like a social outcast or something like that.

 8. What’s the favorite song of yours currently?

My favourite song at the moment is ‘Always on Time’ by this Australian band called Chook Race. Look them up! Either that or ‘Dodge Vego-matic’ by the Modern Lovers.

9. How would you describe the current underground scene?  Do you participate?

I dunno really. There’s a lot of really good bands around today that don’t get played on the radio and stuff, if thats what you mean. I guess we’re not a part of it because we get played on the radio here in Australia. haha

10. What has been the biggest challenge to date?

Last week we had a Halloween gig which we had to get public transport to… carrying our equipment, dressed up like idiots. Then they told us the back line wasn’t there once we had already been an hour into our trip.

11. How often do you Rehearse? Play Live? Record?

We try to rehearse once a week but sometimes it doesn’t really work out. We play live every weekend pretty much, and it’s been like that for about four years now. Don’t do much recording…

12. What do you think of the music coverage in the media?

I think it stinks ‘cause every time we have an interview we always end up looking like morons, haha! And they just talk about shitty new bands on Sony or Warner or whatever.

13. Do you rate any other current bands?

I rate a huge sackfull of other bands. like: The Straight Arrows, the Living Eyes, Chook Race, Thee Oh Sees, UV Race, Total Control, Strange Boys, White Fence, Brian Jonestown Massacre, my mate Adrian Ball, Cobwebbs, this list could go on for ages.

14. Who/Where would you most like to record and why?

I would like to record the frowning clouds ‘cause we don’t do it enough and our songs go to waste. Where? Anywhere with some tape and a sick dude pushing the buttons.

15. What should we expect from you in the future?  What are your plans and ambitions?

Don’t expect much ‘cause we’ll disappoint. Expect nothing and we’ll impress you.


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