Hey! Mr DJ – Felix

Hey! Mr DJ – Felix

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NUTSMAG recently caught up with DJ Felix in for a nice chat about music.

1. How and when did you get into music and what were you listening to then?

I got into 70’s and 80’s soul, funk & jazz in the early to mid-eighties when I was a teenager (I also listened to the old school hip hop and punk), the popularity of house music made me rush back and look for 60’s Soul. The football terrace and my 60’s punk band got me into the Mod scene. From then I have stuck with it, I don’t know why… (30 years now?) well, I have to say I enjoy life and not only mod things…

2. Where was your first DJ slot?

I had a radio show in the mid to late 80’s with soul, funk and jazz music. First soul nights were in a drug-dealer club every Tuesday night in early 90’s. Life taught me hard… and cheap hahaha!

3. What was your most memorable DJ spot?

I can’t remember.

4. What so far, has been your worst DJ experience?

I can’t remember a “worst” but I’ve had a few, usually related to technical stuff. Last week I was djing at the Euro Lambretta Rally in Italy and one of the decks stopped to function. No start, no stop. The owner of the equipment who had skipped the step of plugging and connecting both records players and balancing both arms (cartridge and stuff aside) when I was about to begin blamed me for that so I laughed a lot cos I thought he was joking. But no, then my mood changed.

5. Your favorite scene DJ’s and why?

More than DJs, I love sets, right songs in the right moment and this doesn’t depend only on the records, if you know what I mean. I admire many DJs for their taste in music and their know how, technically and dancefloor-wise.

6. What has shaped your DJ sound and why?

It comes from inside me, I play the music I like, even if the disc is a $5 buck vg+ original. Mod means individuality and I don’t really like DJs that play the already well known in demand records, cos this only shows they have money (something that I don’t usually have). I prefer DJs who take the risks and don’t mind throwing in a few lesser known classics together with “newies” and always following their own style.

7. What was your best ever find/discovery?

My penis, not long ago. A Jet 200 in a barn in 1998 that was sold to me for 90eur. Mod Jazz music, my fave music. The “Churn the Butter” song I still can’t stop dancing after all these years and soooo many others… “Tell the world we’re not in” by the Peddlers” is a cheapie that nobody played at the time. I also discovered in New Zealand Chase “Get it On” and in Verona the Remo Four, uff I spend my life trying to discover new sensation and the day I give up, I’ll be dead.

8. Who was your biggest influence musically and your favorite artist(s)?

When you own 1000’s of records you simply cannot choose one and now I’m not tempted to throw the rarest artist name in to be given a badge. I LOVE modjazz, souljazz, Motown, vintage funk, underground disco sometimes when I’m high and in the right weekender… and dig garage, punk, and r&b in the same circumstances…

9. Do you collect specific labels/artists/genres?

I collect Playboy magazines from 1965 to 1970 (I only miss 5 numbers now) I collect Spanish Tamla Motown from 1966 to 1973 (our first series) I only miss two 45’s. And I try to collect Lambrettas but my vivid zest for life and the pursuit of happiness sometimes makes me sell them instead of buying them… currently I think I have 12. And BASICALLY I love music, regardless the label, artist or genres, so I buy what I can afford (and a bit more than that). Obviously, there are a few labels that make me stop instantly while whizzing through record boxes in fairs.

10. Where can folks currently catch your DJ set?

At Barbaro Chico Club in Gijón and Euroyeye, Check my facebook

11. What is the record you would most like to own?

After all these years, I’ve learned that no record is worth the distress. Recently, I’ve had to sell a few expensive records from my Collection, cos I needed money to travel (to the USA and the Balkans on my Lambretta) and no pain at all, in the end it’s just music. One friend told me last year “our collections can be our pensions when we are older”, and he might be right. Anyway, I must admit once I get hung up with a tune I first try to buy the original but if it’s way toooooo expensive I assume I am poor and listen to it in youtube.

12. Please give us a top 10 all time favorites and a current top 5 spins?

Top 10 Tracks of All Time:
1. Duffin’ Around – Brother Jack Mc Duff & David Newman
2. It Was A Very Good year – Della Reese
3. It’s My Thang – Marva Whitney & the JB’s (live)
4. The Cat – Organ Summit with Paul Shaffer, Joey DeFrancesco, Doug Riley and Dr. Lonnie Smith (live)
5. What’s Going On – Marvin Gaye
6. I Want A Love I Can See – the Temptations
7. What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted – Jimmy Ruffin
8. Pow Wow – Many Corchado… (simply second to none)
9. Own Up Time – Small Faces
10. Harmonica – Graham Bond Org.
11. She Needs Company – Manfred Mann
12. Maybe Tomorrow – The Chords
13. Walls Come Tumblin’ Down – The Style Council
14. From Now On – Magnus Carlson & The Moon Ray Quintet

Current Top 5 Tracks:
1. Roy Thompson Band – I Don’t Need You Anymore
2. Eddie Buster & Jr Robinson – Churn the Butter
3. Machito – Green Onions
4. Otis Leavhill – Boomerang
5. Ray Pettis – Don’t Use Me

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I run The New Untouchables organization and events like the Brighton Mod Weekender, Le Beat Bespoké Festival (and compilation series of the same name) and I co-organize Euro Ye Ye with the Trouble & Tea crew. I have run many clubs over the last 20 years in London, where I live and current nights include Timebox, Zoo Zoo, Crossfire, 100 Club and Mousetrap allnighter which has just celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2011. I have been lucky to DJ all over the globe including Japan, Canada, USA and Europe and met some great people on my journey. I run RnB Records to offset my vinyl addiction: newuntouchables.com/rnbrecords for rare vintage vinyl.

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