Hey! Mr DJ – Stephan Golowka

Hey! Mr DJ – Stephan Golowka

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We recently caught up with DJ Stephan Golowka from Germany, to talk about his musical outlook.

01. How and when did you get into music and what were you listening to then?

I got into the local mod and scooter scene near Frankfurt when I was at middle school. The idea of style and coolness impressed me deeply when I was a youngster. The Who, The Kinks, The Small Faces, The Jam, Ska, 2-Tone and Madchester were the sounds I listened to in those days.

02. Where was your first DJ slot?

That was certainly at one of those private cellar parties when I was at a very tender age. I played some of the above mentioned music.

03. What was your most memorable DJ spot?

I especially loved the first Le Beat Bespoké in 2005, Euro YéYé the same year, Purple Weekend in 2009 and numerous other weekenders, parties and unforgettable club nights at the Up Club. Many magical and great moments.

04. What so far, has been your worst DJ experience?

Luckily I never really had bad DJ experiences. Crappy sound systems or interruptions due to technical problems can be annoying.

05. Your favourite scene DJ’s and why?

There are many excellent DJs out there. A good DJ should be able to play distinctive sets and surprise with different, exciting tunes. Rob Bailey has to be mentioned for his top class sets in various genres & continuity on the highest level for so many years. bMichael Wink, Frantz Lisi and the Belgian beat scene were influential in my younger days, – all ahead of their time.

06. What has shaped your DJ sound and why?

Early trips to the Blow-Up Club, national and international mod weekenders were inspiring. Many fantastic compilations like The British Psychedelic Trip or the Rubble Collection helped forming my favourite kind of music. I started to collect and play those classic 45s and continued to dig a little deeper..

07. What was your best ever find/discovery?

In 2000 I found a nice copy of The Rebel Rousers – As I Look for 15.- Deutsche Mark in a small record shop in Frankfurt. Also, Ron Gray – Hold Back The Sunrise or The Pagens – Mystic Cloud, might be two nice examples of discoveries in a club/DJ context.

08. Who was your biggest influence musically and your favourite artist(s)?

The Beatles, The Kinks, The Byrds. Some of my favourite bands are Kaleidoscope (UK), The Pretty Things a.k.a. Electric Banana, early Pink Floyd, Love

09. Do you collect specific labels/artists/genres?

Mainly British freakbeat, psychedelia and US-American garage and psych 45s, certainly no particular labels or artists.

10. Where can folks currently catch your DJ set?

Le Beat Bespoké #12 at Easter in London.

11. What is the record you would most like to own?

There was this acetate on Audiodisc without any information on the label. A fantastic unreleased catchy garage psych number with loads of fuzz that was auctioned for a small fortune a few years ago. I really hope it will be released one day or turn up again. Aso, The End – Second Glance (Emidisc Acetate)

12. Please give us a top 10 all time favourites and a current top 5 spins?

Top 10 Tracks of All Time:

01. One In A Million – Double Sight (MGM)
02. Turnstyle – Riding A Wave (Pye)
03. Human Expression – Optical Sound (Accent)
04. Nimrod – Don´t Let It Get The Best Of You (Mercury)
05. Mike Stuart Span – Children Of Tomorrow (Jewel)
06. Tintern Abbey – Vacuum Cleaner (Deram)
07. Calum Bryce – Love-Maker (Conder)
08. The Sleepy – Love´s Immortal Fire (CBS)
09. Lemon Fog – Echoes Of Time (Orbit)
10. Legay – No-One (Fontana)

Current Top 5 Tracks:

01. The Sound Track – Face The New Day (Action)
02. The Six Deep – Girl It´s Over (De´Lynn)
03. The Fly-Bi-Nites – Found Love (Tiffany Records)
04. The Es Shades – Anyday, Anywhere (United Audio)
05. Luv´d Ones – Up Down Sue (White Oak)

Next Club Spots 2017:
14-16 April – Le Beat Bespoke 12London

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