Hey! Mrs DJ – Miss Clawdy

Hey! Mrs DJ – Miss Clawdy

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We recently caught up with DJ Miss Clawdy to talk about her musical outlook.

01. How and when did you get into music and what were you listening to then?

My Dad was a Saxophonist in a band during the 70s and when I was young he used to spin some of the songs he was playing with that band, such as “Booker-T Green Onions and Willie Mitchell 30-60-90”. Those sounds were weird and fascinating to me and at the age of fourteen, my Sister who was a Mod got me listening to classics from the 50s, 60s and Ska.

02. Where was your first DJ slot?

Was in a club called Indian in Pisa, in front of a few happy people and some drunk friends. I remember being so excited I wrote a quintessential playlist some days prior to the gig that I followed song by song. That night me and my friends had so much fun that I decided to continue DJing and that was an excuse to buy more records.

03. What was your most memorable DJ spot?

I particularly like my DJ Spots for a club called “La Limonaia”, in Tuscany. I played the hottest tunes I have to warm up the crowd’s spirits, even the ones I rarely get a chance to play. It was outdoor and the atmosphere was lovely. The moon was out on a summer’s night and the stars were shining brightly. Along with candles and great drinks, people were feeling the vibe and loved my tunes.

04. What so far, has been your worst DJ experience?

My worst DJ experience that springs to mind and makes me laugh whenever I mention it was when I was young and inexperienced and I was organizing Rock and Roll nights with some friends of mine… those nights were totally crazy. People were opening champagne, wine, beers spilling them anywhere and dancing almost naked… nobody could calm them down and sometimes I didn’t know how to protect my equipment and records! Once I got home I checked all my records and sleeves only to find many of them drenched in wine! Fortunately, the records were fine.

05. Your favorite scene DJ’s and why?

DJ Henry from Milan (Rollin’ and Tumblin’) and all the Tender crew, they have anything you would like to hear.

06. What has shaped your DJ sound and why?

Rough and crazy sounds combined with Exotic and hot vibes. Probably because these things match with my nature!

07. What was your best ever find/discovery?

Big Don’s Rebellion – It Was True. When I heard that song for the first time it captured me and I was compelled to hear more. I was positively speechless, getting goose bumps! That record was my first true impulse, it costs me nearly half of my salary at the time.

08. Who was your biggest influence musically and your favorite artist(s)?

Dick Dale.

09. Do you collect specific labels/artists/genres?

I have a thing for the Blues, Sun Records recordings, and songs with a minor scale structure from the late 50s to early 60s.

10. Where can folks currently catch your DJ set?

I currently don’t have a standing spot. Right after Le Beat Bespoke, I will be in Florence at the Rollin’ and Tumblin’ club. Just drop me a line on FB for friendship and you can find my next gigs.

11. What is the record you would most like to own?

Nat Couty & The Braves – Woodpecker Rock – Fox

12. Please give us a top 10 all time favourites and a current top 5 spins?

Top 10 Tracks of All Time:

1.Lloyd Price – Lawdy Miss Clawdy
2.Louie Louie – Richard Berry
3.Link Wray – Rumble
4.Dick Dale – Misirlou
5.Johnny Kid and the Pyrates – Shakin’ all Over
6.The Cramps – What’s Inside a Girl
7.Hasil Adkins – She Said
8.Yma Sumac – Gopher
9.Etta James – I just want to make love to you
10.Fats Domino – Why Don’t you do Right

Current Top 5 Tracks:

1.Berta Rosen Con Enrique Lynch Y Su Orquesta – Boogaloo En Cuarta Dimension – Sono Radio
2.The Fabulous Silver Tones – Dimples – West Coast
3.Bracey Everett – Lover’S Curse – Atlantic
4.Sugar Boy Williams – Little Girl – Herald
5.Little Florene – Miss You So – Excello

Next Club Nights 2017:

Lady Luck Club at Le Beat Bespoke, London – 14 April
Rollin’ & Tumblin’ – Florence – 22nd of April

Social Networks: facebook.com/claudia.missclawdy
Videos: MissClawdymusic

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I run The New Untouchables organization and events like the Brighton Mod Weekender, Le Beat Bespoké Festival (and compilation series of the same name) and I co-organize Euro Ye Ye with the Trouble & Tea crew. I have run many clubs over the last 20 years in London, where I live and current nights include Timebox, Zoo Zoo, Crossfire, 100 Club and Mousetrap allnighter which has just celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2011. I have been lucky to DJ all over the globe including Japan, Canada, USA and Europe and met some great people on my journey. I run RnB Records to offset my vinyl addiction: newuntouchables.com/rnbrecords for rare vintage vinyl.

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