Masters – Magnus Carlson

Masters – Magnus Carlson

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We recently caught up with Magnus Carlson, for a chat for NUTSMAG for a preview of his special live show on 21st October 2017 at CROSSFIRE,London.

1. Are you looking forward to our Crossfire night at 229 the Venue in October and what can we expect from a Magnus Carlson show?

Seriously. I can’t wait! I’ve been wanting to go to a New Untouchables event for ages. But I tour so much, the dates have never matched my schedule before. I love and collect your compilations and 7″ singles. I have with me a great seven-piece band. Horns, Hammond organ, congas. the works! Every musician is hand-picked by me for their individual skills and love for 60s style jazz, soul and rhythm-n-blues. Every band member release albums on their own. I’m so proud of them. It’s like I’m the manager for Sweden’s National soul team. Very groovy and danceable. You will love it. I promise!

2. All of us here at New Untouchables extend our congratulations to you on the tremendous success of ‘Long Way Home’. Did you think it would be such a hit when recording had finished?

I’ve been in the music biz full-time since 1997. I’ve always followed my heart and done what I felt like. As a result, I have had a lot of number ones in Sweden but also a few flops. You never ever know what will be successful or not. But I can look back at a career (16 albums in 20 years) and be proud. Most of the stuff I do has a kind of timelessness to it. At least in my mind. I almost only listen to 60s music but I try not to be too retro even if that’s the style of music I make. It’s made today about the world today I think this is the first ever mod number one in Sweden. At least since 1967. When was a mod album number one in the UK last? The Jam?

3. For those who are new to your music, how would you describe your ‘sound’?

If you refer back to question number 1, I think that about covers it!

4. You are a massive star in Sweden and you are following in the footsteps of The Cardigans, Jasmine Kara and a certain 70s pop band to name a few; who have been popular here. How important is it for you to have a higher profile in the UK?

I’ve been doing this for so long now so I know the ups and downs. I’m perfectly happy just with my popularity in Sweden. It all can wish for. But certainly, I’m eager to try the UK. There are more mods there and I’m part of the mod scene. It’s only natural to wonder what could happen. I’m so happy you want me over! I feel grateful and excited!

5. Of course, some of our readers will know you from your time with Weeping Willows. Do you have any plans to record with them?

Oh! We have never split up. It’s my mother ship. That band will exist forever. But sometimes I go out on solo missions outside the ship. Jazz, soul, electronic excursions. Stuff I can’t do within that group. We’re more of a ballad group. The Walker Brothers type of stuff. But we are bigger than ever. We do a lot of gigs with symphony orchestras in sports arenas and Concert halls. This year we go out on a Christmas tour. 17 gigs in December. Next year we will record and release a New album. All our albums are number ones in Sweden.

6. The new album is inspired by Northern Soul. When did you first become interested in that style of music?

I was born in 1968. I grew up with punk and then New wave. I started to listen to everything my idols recommended. Naturally, that meant all kinds of 60s music. All things mod. So, through The Style Council and Dexy’s Midnight Runners, I got to know about rare soul. Then we had a lot of Northern soul clubs in Stockholm in the 90s which I went to because I love to dance. I got to know all the people. The soul scene is my home. And I have always loved and collected 7″ singles. My favourite format since I was a Punk kid.

7. Sweden has had a healthy 60’/Northern Soul/mod scene for a number of years with organisations like Uppers and people like Frederik Ekander. Were you aware of that scene at all?

Oh Yeah! There are a lot of soul clubs and DJs/collectors over here. Club Soul in Stockholm has been going every Saturday for almost 30 years now! Could it be a World record?! They still only play soul on vinyl. I sometimes DJ there. And then there’s the monthly club Soulastatic in Gothenburg that Punky has been doing for about 20 years now. Very strong soul scene. With lots of great DJs!

8. You have recorded the new album in English and spent time at Black Barn Studios with Andy Lewis. What was that experience like?

I knew Andy before. He had heard my Swedish version of Beggin’ from 2003. We have DJ’d together and even wrote songs together before. So, when I finally had the time to make a soul album I knew I had to do it with him. Andy said we should record at the Black Barn. So, we did. It was perfect and a great 4-day session with a great band Andy put together. And a bit of a romantic childhood dream.

9. Who are your musical influences?

Too many to mention. When I was a Teenager the people who made me want to sing was (chronologic) Elvis, The Smiths, Weller, Scott Walker. Through them, I got into the rarer stuff. Now I mostly listen to 60s soul and 50s jazz. I’m going backwards. Next stop for me is probably Blues and old gospel.

10. Are there any current bands or artists that you like?

Goran Kajfeš Subtropic Arkestra is amazing! He’s the trumpet player in my band. He’s a genius. He has a new album out just this week.

11. What is your favourite song by another artist that you could not live without?

I have a big record collection and I sincerely can’t part with any of them. You know how it is. It never ends. I find new old favourite every week! That’s the thrill!

Thank you, Magnus, for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to With NutsMag. We can’t wait to see you on 21st October 2017 at CROSSFIRE,London.

Band Members:
Magnus Carlson singer
Goran Kajfeš trumpet
Jonas Kullhammar saxophone
Anders Kappelin bass
Anders Lewén guitar
Patrik Kolar organ
Johan Carlsson congas
Christer Björklund drums


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