Newbreed – Allah Las

Newbreed – Allah Las

Jenni and Holly had a chat with Pedrum Siadatian, the lead guitarist and vocalist with Allah Las ahead of headline show at Euro YeYe, Spain on Thursday 3 August.

1. Some of you guys met through school and working at Amoeba Records, can you tell us a bit about what brought you to start playing together and how you became The Allah-Las?

Once Spencer and I started getting acquainted at Amoeba, we shared our individual bedroom recording projects with each other and started jamming just for fun. Soon-after, we asked Matt to join us and drum because he was our friend and had similar tastes. Then they asked Miles to sing cause they knew him from high school and none of us wanted to sing.

2. Having worked in a record store prior to the band and all being big music fans, what different musical influences does each member bring to the band? Do you try to get this across in the music?

We have a lot of overlapping tastes but each of us has certain tendencies that the other doesn’t so it kind of balances out- popman, worldman, folkman, caveman.

3. Obviously California is musically one of the richest places to live with so much history and new music, how influenced are you by living there and other music coming from the area?

Bands are products of their environments just like people are, so I think whether we wanted to or not that Los Angeles was gonna come across in our music to some degree. We are really into the Byrds, Love, Seeds, Rain Parade etc.., in terms of paying homage to those influences, we did it best on our second record.

4. You’ve also had a very strong art direction with your artwork and videos, are there other influences outside of music which you draw from?

Yeah – books, movies, art, friends, and conversations. they’re all equally important.

5. Nick Waterhouse took on production duties on Worship the Sun, how did that come about? Do you have plans to work together again in the future? Or indeed are there any other people on your wish list to work with?

it came about cause he helped us with the first record and it seemed like a good move to work with him again. We also spent a lot of time with Dan Horne in the studio doing overdubs and mixing. I’m into the idea of recording ourselves for the next one!

6. Following on from Worship the Sun, Calico Review takes things a bit further and a slightly darker turn. Can you tell us a bit about the writing of the album and recording process for it?

We were just writing songs separately, a continuation of the process that had started with Worship the Sun. When it came time to start working on Calico everyone started showing the rest of the band the songs they had written and we learned em, demoed em, then recorded em proper off-and-on over the course of a year.

7. Your weekly installment of Reverberation Radio has become a bit of an institution for fans, how did that come about?

Miles had a graveyard shift time slot at KXLU every Wednesday from 2-6am and we would all go down to the station, bring records, and hang out. We got kicked off the air for playing too much old stuff, and with the help of our friend Robbie, we turned it into a weekly podcast that’s been going on for about 5 years. The four of us in the band take turns contributing, as well as six of our friends and the occasional guest.

8. What is the 60s underground scene like in LA? Is this something you are involved in as a band?

There is a small one but I don’t feel like that’s our vibe. We never wanted to be a full on 60’s homage group, even though the video for Tell Me contributed to that.

9. It feels like you’ve been touring pretty much nonstop over the past year. You’ve toured extensively across America, Europe and Australia since the release of Calico Review – what have some of the highlights been?

Some of the best shows have been the shows where we didn’t know we had an audience and loads of people came, like Cape Town, Tel Aviv, Budapest, Moscow, Bali.

10. Are you looking forward to playing at Euro Yeye? What can we expect from the set? When you record, are you always thinking about how it will sound live?

Yes, we’re gonna try to do some stuff we’ve never done live. No, that comes after it’s done!

11. As you’ve been spending a lot of time touring, has this given you much time to check out some new (old) music? What’s been your soundtrack on the tour bus over the last few months?

I’ve been listening to my friend Maston’s record that’s gonna be coming out this fall, it’s really great instrumental/soundtrack music. Also, Chris Lucey, the Only Ones, and VU always.

12. Calico Review came out last year, what are your plans for the rest of 2017? Focussing on touring or will you be heading back into the studio?

Yeah we have a short west coast tour in September but otherwise, we’re gonna start working on the next record this winter!

Band Members: Matthew Correia, Spencer Dunham, Miles Michaud, Pedrum Siadatian


Allah-Las (2012)
Worship The Sun (2014)
Calico Review (2016)
“Catamaran”/”Long Journey” – Pres, 2011
“Tell Me (What’s On Your Mind)”/”Sacred Sands” – Innovative Leisure, 2012
“Don’t You Forget It” – Record Store Day split w/Nick Waterhouse, 2012
“Had It All”/”Every Girl” – Innovative Leisure, 2013
“501-415″/”No Werewolf” – Innovative Leisure, 2014
“Famous Phone Figure” – Mexican Summer, 2016
“Could Be You” – Mexican Summer, 2016

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