Newbreed – Les Darlings

Newbreed – Les Darlings

We recently caught up with the Les Darlings (from Paris, London, Copenhagen, & Bordeaux) for a nice chat for NUTSMAG, here is what they had to say…

1. How long have you been active for and how did you get together?

Well, we started the band in March 2016. Kitty runs a record label, Lust Record, originally created to re-issue 60’s obscurity. At the time, I was too shy to ask those talented guys to form a band when we met during concerts and festivals but Kitty cheered us up to play together so we finally met in Hamburg for songwriting and created more songs than expected. Originally the idea was to make a 45, but we got enough material to release an LP.

2. What influences do the band members have in common?

I think we all deeply love all kind of 50’s/60 music, from BlueBeat, crude R&B and naturally ’66 garage and Mod sound.

3. Are there any other bands you’d recommend from your area? Why?

As I live in London now, I can tell that the Cavemen are just one of the most outrageously good band I’ve seen recently! The Embrooks, King Salami, etc, etc! From Paris, French Boutik, The Wave Chargers….

4. What’s the 60’s/underground scene like where you’re from?

I think the whole 60’s scene is held by a handful but deeply passionate people. It’s an endless story, every decade you got a bunch of young lions who discover and embrace that style. Les Gry Gry, The Arrogants, all in their glorious 20’s… I wish we had more bands like this. Now synth punk is back yet again… I hope they get quickly tired of all that 80’s Kawai keyboards (ha! ha!)

5. How would you describe the style you play?

I think we got one boot in the 60’s, another one in the present. Makes no sense for me to be a tribute band or so, but it doesn’t mean that we are untrue to our influences. All the great bands I loved always added a little something on top of the rest. Just to be different. Who wants to listen to another cover of ‘Shapes of things’? The best example for me is The Youth, The Urges or The Jackets. Our main goal is to create some heavily influenced ’66 moody garage songs that you can really dance along to.

6. What are your live shows like?

It can get really sweaty, especially when you play in a 3 pieces wool suit! Thomas is a Christic frontman, he totally gives himself on stage. We actually have to try to protect him from the action. We love to play together, and the public feels it.

7. What are your main influences in music? Who do/would you play covers by? And who do you despise?

Everything from the Peebles comp, Back from the Grave or High in the Mid Sixties… We play a couple covers that Kitty threw on the table, especially ‘Lily’ from an obscure Californian band called Drusalee & The Dead… In fact, we play live the records we cannot afford to buy haha. Rob also suggested us to play a French cover and it was definitely a good idea. The goal is to create our own thing of course.

8. What are your main influences outside of music?

Aside from 60’s culture, we got our secret garden…

9. Who writes your songs and what subjects do you deal with?

Allah wrote them for us. We just need to listen to Allah, and then the songs pop out by themselves. Seriously it’s a collective work, Thomas takes care of the lyrics as he’s writing poetry too.

10. What’s your favorite song in your repertoire currently? What’s your favorite song by another artist?

My favorite is ‘Hey Baby’, ‘I know David Peter really likes ‘Make her mine’. If we don’t like a song anymore we just throw it out and write another one that’s as simple as that. I love too many songs to choose only one. My favorite song changes every day or so.

11. How would you describe the current underground scene? Do you participate?

We go to gigs or festivals as often as we can. It is like an International Brotherhood.

12. What has been the biggest challenge to date?

Bringing back Dorian alive from Hamburg.

13. How often do you Rehearse? Play Live? Record? Anything interesting coming up?

As we live far away from each other, we can only rehearse one or two hours before each gig. Of course, it’s always a disaster, to begin with. But something magic always happens when we hit the stage, thanks to the hundreds of gigs we each did with our previous bands!

14. What do you think of the music coverage in the media?

I think it’s really bad in the so-called ‘Mass Media’. We can only pay homage to the few passionate people like you to shed a light on this very sharp scene.

15. Do you rate any current mainstream or underground bands?

I really love The Wrong Society, they released a couple of singles that really nailed it. Of course The Youth, The Jackets… The Teamsters, The Urges too.

16. Who/Where would you most like to record with and why?

We started the thing with Dennis Rux as a producer and we gonna continue with him. His studio is located in front of a 24/7 gas station loaded with the greatest German lager. Decent döner round the corner too. Beside of this Dennis is perfect gentlemen who own one of the best analog studios between planet Earth and Dagoba system. Apart from Toe Rag and Circo Perrotti, i don’t know where we could have recorded it. It was absolutely normal to do it in Mono from the start for him ha! ha!

17. What should we expect from you in the future? What are your plans and ambitions? What interesting gig dates have you got coming up?

We need to work together to finish our LP which is almost completed! We’re also gonna have an organ player with us, Mr Dècheman, a great entertainer too, so you can expect some more action on stage. We still are a fresh new band but people look interested in our work, we got a lot of contacts to play all across Europe. As we say in France, ‘Bientôt dans une épicerie près de chez vous’ (soon at the juke joint near you).

Band Members: Thomas (vox) Dorian (drums) Pascal (guitar) David Peter (bass)

Discography: 2016 – Single: ‘Le Tourbillon / Hey Baby’ –  Lust Records

Social Networks: FACEBOOK HERE

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