Newbreed – Men Of North Country

Newbreed – Men Of North Country

We recently caught up with the Men Of North Country (from Tel Aviv) for a nice chat for NUTSMAG, here is what they had to say…

1. How long have you been active for and how did you get together?

We’ve been recording proper since 2011, performing since 2012. Back in 2007 Yashiv was heard singing along the tunes he was spinning at a party and from there it slowly developed into MONC.

2. influences do the band members have in common?

Soul music.

3. Are there any other bands you’d recommend from your area? Why?

Our bass player, Jonathan, is also in a band called Taani Esther, which is a brilliant psychedelic pop band that sings in Hebrew.

4. What’s the 60’s/underground scene like where you’re from?

Tel Aviv is a great city but compared to other cultural Meccas it’s pretty small. So the 60’s scene isn’t big. There’s the Tel Aviv Soul Club, there are some lovely surf bands and retro nights.

5. How would you describe the style you play?

One of the streaming sites (Pandora or Last FM I think) described our music as basically Soul with influences of Mod 79 sounds and Punk 77 music. We’re pretty happy with that. We’d add post punk to the mix as well, especially The Cure.

6. What are your live shows like?

Loud and brassy.

7. What are your main influences in music? Who do/would you play covers by? And who do you despise?

First of all Northern Soul, Dexy’s and The Cure. After that it’s the usual suspects: The Jam, Motown, Stax, etc. We love doing covers. We did Human League’s Mirror Man in the first album (it’s basically a Motown tune), The Who’s The Seeker for our Magic EP, Lou Pride’s I’m Com’un Home for the second album and we do some more live – Kinks, Standells, Joe Jackson, Solomon Burke and more. I really do despise Radiohead…

8. What are your main influences outside of music?

Probably film if we’re talking art.

9. Who writes your songs and what subjects do you deal with?

Doron writes most of the music, and I (Yashiv) write the lyrics. Subjects are mostly personal stuff I go through and some political stuff as well. Coming from where we come from, you can’t really escape that sadly.

10. What’s your favorite song in your repertoire currently? What’s your favorite song by another artist?

Personally I’d have to say that I dig Running the most now. I call it Northern Soul for The Cure kids. I’m blown away by the string arrangement Boaz has come up with for this one every time I hear it (he’s our drummer and arranger). Fav song by another artist? That’s too tough a question. Just listening to John Bowie now, so let’s go with that ok?

11. How would you describe the current underground scene?  Do you participate?

I run the Tel Aviv Soul Club so I guess I do. And whenever I’m abroad I try to get to a party or a gig. And we perform of course. From the last event I’ve been to in London I think I can describe it as a bit too fuzzy, and too rare. Still the best scene around though.

12. What has been the biggest challenge to date?

I guess the Madness House of Fun Weekender last November was a big thing for us, although once you’re on stage you just do your thing…

13. How often do you Rehearse? Play Live? Record? Anything interesting coming up?

Rehearsals depend on live gigs. We do more of them before gigs naturally. We have a couple of European tours a year (I still count the UK as European for that if you don’t mind…) and we also play in Tel Aviv and the rest of the country every few weeks/months. We’ve just recorded a version of The Jam’s Circus for the Specialized project which is supposed to come out this summer so that’s pretty exciting. I think The Jam would approve with our take. And in August just before the NUT gigs we’re releasing a new single which is always an exciting event for us.

14. What do you think of the music coverage in the media?

Well, it looks like the world is heading to a click-bate era which isn’t so promising, and so is the music coverage. On the bright side, everything is so accessible these days that you can easily find a place to your liking, musically and media-wise as well.

15. Do you rate any current mainstream or underground bands?

I love The Coral. And BJM too. And a lot of other stuff as well. Too many to mention.

16. Who/Where would you most like to record with and why?

We’ve recorded our Magic EP at the all-analogue Yeah Yeah Yeah studios in Hamburg. Great experience. Wouldn’t mind doing that again. And would love to record with the Skeleton Key guys from Liverpool. Or Andy Lewis in London. He’s our godfather. Or Bob Stanley from St Etienne! Now that would be really something!

17. What should we expect from you in the future?  What are your plans and ambitions? What interesting gig dates have you got coming up?

More gigs and more records. More. Looking forward to our first Brighton visit. Heard so much about it. Gonna comb the beach for rockers!

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