Newbreed – The Wheels

Newbreed – The Wheels

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NUTsMag recent caught up with The Wheels, who hail from Mallorca, Balearic Islands for a quick chat.

1. How long have you been active and how did you get together?

Three of us started playing music together when we were around 14, it was then that we decided to make The Wheels something more serious. The years have seen members change, some leave and come back but finally we’ve got the final lineup and we’re stoked.

2. What influences do the band members have in common?

A list that no one has time to read. But we began being influenced by music from the 60s when we were starting up, purely because we couldn’t find anything contemporary to relate to then, artists like Kevin Ayers, The Beatles. We also love jazz and Brazilian music. Now there’s loads of great music out there, we think perhaps that the people making it went through a similar experience to us in that they delved back into history to find music that inspired them and when making their own, these influences were exhibited. Artists like The Lemon Twigs, Connan Mockasin, Mild High Club and Mac Demarco have had us pretty hooked recently.

3. Are there any bands you’d recommend in your area?

Definitely, good friends of our, los Nastys are a band people should check out, they’ve come from the underground garage scene in Madrid along with The Parrots and Hinds. All those bands have great songs and a lot of energy.

4. Tell us about the 60s/underground scene from Spain?

We don’t know all that much about what was going on in the rest of Spain during that time but we do know that Mallorca was a melting pot for artists from abroad. Deia was home to people like Kevin Ayers who founded The Soft Machine and later went solo, it also saw Robert Wyatt spend some time there and Yoko Ono is said to have visited as well. Hendrix even played in Palma in the 60s

5. How would you describe the style you play?

Hypnotizing psychedelia with a nostalgic flash from the 60s and a freshness that encapsulates the new wave of psychedelic pop

6. What are your live shows like?

In a way they’re like bringing a sonic painting to life. Having the songs performed widens perception and awakens different senses and emotions.

7. What are your main influences in music? Who do/would you play covers by? Who do you despise?

That’s like asking a poet to pick their favorite word, apart from the influences we adopted as teenagers we’re constantly discovering new music and forever going through phases of obsession with different artists. We don’t play covers but we’d probably do something by Kevin Ayers. Who do we despise? There are so many artists we love and probably more we have a more negative opinion of. But we’re not here to insult anyone… although we hate that fucking song ‘Despasito ‘that’s out at the moment. And Ed Sheeran is a pain in the arse too.

8. What are your main influences outside of music?

We read a lot of books, Siddhartha by Herman Hesse was actually an influence on our last album. We’re really into film and also get very inspired by painters like Matti Klarwein (who also lived in Deia), who was one of the psychedelic legends.

9. Who writes your songs and what subjects do you deal with?

In everything released until now, Guille has been the main songwriter but the whole band was involved in the process and Tomi even wrote a song for the last album too.

10. What is your favorite song in your repertoire currently? What’s your favorite song by another artist?

Dream On – Nó by O Terno

11. How would you describe the underground scene? Do you participate?

The current underground scene is thriving at the moment. And yes, more than participate, we live in it currently. There is brilliant music being made, you just need to look for it.

12. What has your biggest challenge been up to date?

This year it’s been finding time to work on new material because we’ve been on the road so much.

13. How often do you Rehearse? Play Live? Record?

Rehearsing depends on whether there’s a tour or important gig coming up, in those cases its every day. We play live a lot. And we record when we get off tour.

14. What do you think of music coverage in the media?

We think there’s plenty of room for more coverage, especially in mainstream media, it’s embarrassing how little time is devoted to culture. It’s up to the independent magazines, blogs etc. at the moment. Although platforms like Pitchfork and Red Bull are pretty cool.

15. Do you rate any current mainstream or underground bands?

All the ones mentioned above and more, we’d be here for days.

16. Who/Where would you most like to record with and why?

We were very happy with Paco Loco and his studio was a wonderful place to record an album, we’d definitely work with him again. At the moment we’d love to record with Jonathan Rado from Foxygen and the location… I dunno Brazil?

17. What should we expect from you in the future? What are your plans and ambitions? What interesting dates have you got coming up?

We’re already writing new material and we may release a single before the year is out, an album will follow sometime in the future. We’re busy in September with festivals like Ebrovision, Zaragoza Psych Fest, Monkey Week. We’re looking to get more dates in Europe as we toured Mexico before trying to sort out something in our continent. And we’ll be hoping to play more great festivals next summer.

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Band Members: Guille Borrás (Guitar and vocals), Tomi Solbas (Drums and vocals), Rick Sena (Guitar), Toni Sánchez (Keyboard, Synths), Andrés Alcover (Bass and vocals).

Discography: Great Frustrations EP (2014), Born to Fly LP (2015) The Year of the Monkey LP (2017)

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