NUTsMag: Submission Guidelines

*DOWNLOAD HERE*: nutsmag_guidelines_2014

A Step-by-step guide to submitting to the NUTsMag:

*Please Study before Submission

We have created this Read Me file to assist all of our writers and contributors to provide clear guides on how best to submit standard articles and reviews for NUTsMag so that we minimise the amount of time that we have to spend edited free-from style submissions. We have aimed to make it easier for all involved to apply a simple set of rules and styles by using the supplied templates to work over and embrace in the submission process.

The following is a walk through that should assist you:

  1. Please make sure that you set up a dedicated work folder for NUTsMag to store everything.
  2. Please make sure that you set up a separate mail inbox for NUTsmag emails to store
  3. Please download the NUTsMag Guidelines Items and store safely
  4. Please study the items before submission
  5. Please duplicate the templates and work over them as copies, save the originals
  6. Please follow the naming system for all files and images
  7. Please refer back to the nm_styleguide.doc for grammar and spelling and style
  8. Please check everything for double spaces after full stops
  9. Please be sure to fill in the key information at the top of your items following template page guides
  10. Please select form the main templates for the correct template to work from
  11. Please study the site itself for clues about how things best work
  12. Please make sure you follow the image submission guide for legal reasons and for optimise for web
  13. Please make sure your work reads well and flows before submission, several drafts may be needed
  14. Please do not be offended if the editor requests edits, clean up and re-sending of items
  15. Please make sure your images are sized, formatted and named correctly
  16. Please make sure that your work is submitted in tune with the deadlines
  17. Please feel free to contact the editor if you need any assistance
  18. Please make sure that only the best, relevant images are submitted from the best sources
  19. Please add credit wherever it is due and warranted
  20. Please supply any Youtube links and makes sure the elected video has embedding enabled

For on-line resizing and cropping of images if you have no desktop software to do so go to:

Below is a great tutorial showing you how  to best use this cool free on-line resource:

We hope that these guidelines are easy to follow and support you in the process of writing. We realise that some of the styleguide aspects may be a little confusing, so please seek clarification from the Editor if you cannot fathom anything in amongst it all.

That’s all for now, many thanks for all of your excellent submissions and happy writing!


  • STEP ONE: Brainstorming – Choose what you want to write about. We have a range of columns/series that could use fresh new content directly from your beautiful mind. But why not even create your own columns/series by suggesting it to the editor?
  • STEP TWO: Writing – Please download and follow our handy user guide prior to drafting your work.
  • STEP THREE: Proof-reading – Remember to do your research to make sure you’re writing the right names, dates and any other info. I’m sure you expect as high a standard from us as we do from you. Spell-check, grammar check, make sure everything you’re writing makes sense to you. If you’re an experienced writer, trust yourself, we’ll take care of the rest!
  • STEP FOUR: Media Gathering – Find legal images to associate with your submission if possible from the subject source. Also, if you can, find a video on youtube that you feel has something to do with your topic of choice.
  • STEP FIVE: Submission – Write your article, and if you have to, cut and paste it into Word and save as a mac frinedly format. Please make sure you submit in the correct format so that we can process submissions in a seamless way. The first thing you need to know is that you’ll be submitting via e-mail to:  Please clearly mark and name all items prior to sending. We will respond asap. We have supplied a set of templates to work over (please save the originals) and images attached should be rescaled to 600 pixels wide and approx 400 high and 72 dpi resolution. If you don’t know how to do this, you can use the free online resizer tool here!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This may seem complicated at first sight, but after you do it just once you’ll see how easy it is.

If you need help with anything, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Regards BazDen. I can be reached at:

*DOWNLOAD HERE*: nutsmag_guidelines_2014

2014 Year planner

Jan issue
Deadline for authors Friday 10 Jan
Deadline for Baz Friday 17 Jan
Published Friday 24 Jan

March Issue
Deadline for authors Friday 28 February
Deadline for Baz Friday 7 March
Published Friday 14 March

June Issue
Deadline for authors Friday 30 May
Deadline for Baz Friday 6 June
Published Friday 13 June

Sept Issue
Deadline for authors Friday 29 August
Deadline for Baz Fri 5 September
Published Friday 12 September

Nov Issue
Deadline for authors Friday 31 October
Deadline for Baz Friday 7 November
Published Friday 14 November

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