Ready! Steady! Sew! – A NUTsFilm/BoyChild

Ready! Steady! Sew! – A NUTsFilm/BoyChild

Back in 2004 the New Untouchables commissioned especially for the MODSTOCK event ‘Ready! Steady! Sew!’ a documentary by Boyschild Production’s Sean Wilson, Angie Smith (a living vintage fashion scene legend) and Pip! Pip!. The programme focuses on Modernist fashion through the decades including interviews with important mover and shakers from the origianl 60’s scene. Our very own 21st century fashion gurus Caspar, Peter Jackson and Angie Smith take you on this journey spanning four decades and explain how this magical period in fashion changed the shape of society and still influences the high street today. The film was shown only once in public, live to a standing only audience projected from the top of the Pip! Pip! lightshow Scaffold Tower as part of the Fashion Catwalk section of Modstock. 2 vintage scooters were placed at the front of the stage on the catwalk and Soulof65 owner Sean, Mickey from Velvet Illusion, Angie Smith and an assortment of scene based models helped create a really special fashion happening especially for the event. Probably the first Fashion/Pop Art explosion of it’s type since the 1960’s and warmly received by a slightly bemused audience. Quite how Pip! Pip! talked Rob Bailey and the gang into this fun yet stressful happening is still a mystery to this day! All exisiting copies of the film were ‘lost’ so this only adds to the myth. Pip! Pip! recently uncovered seemingly the last copy at the bottom of a box in the attic on VHS video (ask your fathers kids) and a rush to slavage it was then the order of the day once the dust was blown off! Thanks to KEV on the IOW (the ex BBC guy) for helping us clean it up ready for this re-visit for a new generation to enjoy! Three Parts all worth watching and it should really have been on BBC3! Get your popcorn ready!

The YOUTUBE Description Text and Credits below:

Short 3-Part Documentary called READY! STEADY! SEW! that was created and shown ‘live’ to a standing room only audience of Hipsters & Scenesters as part of the MODSTOCK UK EVENT prior to a live catwalk event, via the newuntouchables in London 2004, which saw a Celebration of 40 Years of Modculture in all of its forms and glory! Big Thanks To Angie Smith, Caspar De La Mare, Pip! Pip! Rob Bailey and all those that gave us content and info and agreed to be interviewed! Filmed in and around London on April/May 2004!

DIRECTOR: Sean Wilson (BoyChild)
EDITORS: Sean Wilson & Alex Rupprecht
CAMERA: Alex Rupprecht
PRODUCERS & WRITERS: Angie Smith & Sean Wilson
CO PRODUCERS: Barry & Denise @ Pip! Pip!
SOUNDTRACK: The Gene Drayton Unit
REPORTER: Caspar (A Dandy in Aspic)

Based on an Original Concept by Bazden Pip! Pip! as part of Modstock 2004






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