Reviews February 2017 – Part 2

Reviews February 2017 – Part 2

Les Darlings


‘Le Tourbillion’ b/w ‘Hey Baby’ – Single

When you find out who the members of Les Darlings are, it’s easy to see why these two infectious slices of Garage-power pop are so good. Comprising of Pascal, David Peter, Thomas and Dorian, they have joined forces from some of Europe’s top psych and garage bands; namely The Norvins, The Youth and The Wilde Sect. For this single, they have also been joined by Cecile Wurlee (Curlee Wurlee) and to complete the perfect circle it was recorded at Yeah Yeah Yeah Studios with the splendid Dennis Rux at the controls. What else can I tell you about this single? Two full-on Beat belters with all the expected component parts and another success for all involved. Let’s hope Les Darlings are not just a passing phase.

The Seen


‘The Seen’ – EP

The Seen were formed in 2014 and are from Bonn, Germany. This is their debut five-track EP. Ania, Peter, Max, Vic and Tobias have all been in previous bands before, so they are not exactly novices. The opening track is a cover of ‘Big Sensation’ by Cool Stove which was originally released in 1969 and is something of a rarity, but The Seen have given it a new lease of life. The other four songs are original compositions and are loaded with psych, garage and Beat reference points. Ania’s vocals are perfect for this style with a hint of punk delivery. ‘Time Of Change’, Trouble’ and ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ are all belters, while ‘Make It Right’ is a well-arranged change of pace. This EP is out on the excellent Copase Disques who also have French Boutik among their roster, so you know this release is going to be good…..and it is…..very good.

Wolf People


‘Ruins’ – LP

Arguably, Wolf People are the finest exponents of folk-rock in the UK right now and this new album certainly enhances that reputation. Following on from their previous two studio albums Steeple (2010) and Fain (2013), ‘Ruins’ is not a concept album (as the band insist), but songs linked by a common thread; what would the world be like without humans? Indeed, it is fair to say that this is unmistakably a ‘Wolf People’ album. They have such a wonderfully eclectic range of influences that shape their music, but still retain a very distinctive sound of their own. While that sound may come across as quite heavy at times, there is a genuine intelligence, passion and complexity that makes this album well worth listening to. ‘Ninth Night’ sets the tone, interspersed by tracks like ‘Kingfisher’, ‘Not Me Sir’ and ‘Salts Mill’. Jack Sharp’s rounded, deft vocals fit beautifully around the sterling work by Tom Watt on drums, Dan Davis on bass and Joe Hollick on guitar. For those with a penchant for folk-rock, you’ll be hard pushed to find a better album than this one.

Alex Cooper


‘Club 45 Again’ – Book

Alejandro Diez Garín, former leader of Los Flechazos and now in charge of Cooper, unpacks his collection of records and memorabilia sixties to offer us 90 unforgettable songs. I know this because we have handy things like translation apps that mean I can understand Spanish sentences, but I’m not likely to use said app to translate the whole book, which has been published in the Spanish language. Yes, I know this will put a lot of people off, unless you are fluent of course, but that said, the publisher; Ediciones Chelsea have done a magnificent job on the production side. Obviously, I can’t vouch for the text, although you do get a sense that Alejandro has done his homework here and to be fair, the selection of songs are very good indeed. But by far the most appealing aspect of this book is the quality of the print and the reproduction of some really great photos and there are lots of them. Most are in colour and the layout of the book is really tidy, allowing your eyes to skim over the pages with ease. It is a shame there does not appear to be an English language version, but let’s hope they can get one organised, as I think a lot more people will find this a welcome addition to their ‘mod-related’ library.

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Graham Lentz

AKA ‘The Baron’ - Like many of his generation, The Jam started Graham's love affair with all things mod back in 1977. He is the author of 'The Influential Factor - A History Of Mod' which was originally published in 2002. An extract from the book was re-printed in Paolo Hewitt's 'The Sharper Word - revised edition' in 2011. Being a self-confessed 'broad-church' mod, Graham's interests range from Modern Jazz to today's up-coming new bands and everything in between. Although he has a passion for mod history, he also has a passion for the new. Whether it's music, clubs, media of every kind, clothing, scooters or art and photography, Graham supports, promotes and encourages as much as he can, because that's how we keep going. 'Give it a chance' is his motto. If it's not for you, that's cool, at least you tried it.

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