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NUTsCast – Sessions – part 16 (episode 25)


Join the Baron for the latest NUTSCAST of  Summer 2017

Be sure to tune in to the latest Nutscast Sessions for a full preview of Euro YeYe and the Brighton August Bank Holiday events as we say a fond farewell to the Baron, Graham Lentz as he hosts his last show; with tracks by Gemma & The Travellers, Stone Foundation, Men Of North Country and DJ selections from our guests at Brighton.


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Graham Lentz

AKA ‘The Baron’ - Like many of his generation, The Jam started Graham's love affair with all things mod back in 1977. He is the author of 'The Influential Factor - A History Of Mod' which was originally published in 2002. An extract from the book was re-printed in Paolo Hewitt's 'The Sharper Word - revised edition' in 2011. Being a self-confessed 'broad-church' mod, Graham's interests range from Modern Jazz to today's up-coming new bands and everything in between. Although he has a passion for mod history, he also has a passion for the new. Whether it's music, clubs, media of every kind, clothing, scooters or art and photography, Graham supports, promotes and encourages as much as he can, because that's how we keep going. 'Give it a chance' is his motto. If it's not for you, that's cool, at least you tried it.

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Hey Mr DJ – Glyn Preece

This entry is part 7 of 7 in the series Hey! Mr DJ 6

NUTSMAG recently caught up with DJ Glyn Preece in for a nice chat about music.

1. How and when did you get into music and what were you listening to then?

I got into the mod & scooter scene late 78, early 79 , I grew up listening to music through my parents, They were into Rock & Roll, so I was listening to the likes of Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Chuck Berry & such like, I was going to youth clubs & discos from an early age & hearing The Who, Small Faces, The Jam, & Motown sound and it went from there finding out about Motown, Northern Soul, R&B. Finding out about the clothes, style & Scooters… I was hooked.

2. Where was your first DJ slot?

My first DJ slot was at some old youth club, playing tunes from small collection out my little ” youth club box” which still have.

3. What was your most memorable DJ spot?

Most memorable. I get a buzz from DJing anywhere really. Although being asked to DJ in Turin was amazing. I love Italy anyway, so to go and DJ was fantastic. I would love to go again as well as other places abroad. To be asked to DJ at Brighton is a huge honor for such a fantastic weekend.

4. What so far, has been your worst DJ experience?

My worst DJ experience, thankfully I haven’t really had any apart from the odd technical hitch with decks, amps etc.

5. Your favorite scene DJ’s and why?

Haven’t got a favorite, So many Top DJ’s out there & some brilliant new blood. But whoever the DJ, If they play thumping tunes top tunes, underplayed, never heard before. That’ll do for me.

6. What has shaped your DJ sound and why?

Well growing up listening to Rock & Roll & the Mod revival going to Northern Soul events & DJing at them as well as Mod & Scooter rallies… Hearing the early R&B, Boogaloo, Latin, Jazz. Always hearing more sounds that not heard.

7. Who was your biggest influence musically and your favorite artist(s)?

My biggest influences are the Small Faces, The Who & Motown.

8. Do you collect specific labels/artists/genres?

Haven’t really got any favorites, I hear so many great sounds I couldn’t pick a favorite.

9. Where can folks currently catch your DJ set?

You can currently see me DJ at OUT of TIME – Wolverhampton, Secret Door – Telford.

10. What is the record you would most like to own?

All of them, my wants list is endless.

11. Please give us a top 10 all time favorites spins?

Top 10 Tracks of All Time:
Tough to pick top 10, they’re always changing’, In no particular order:
1. Freddie Hubbard – Return of the prodigal son
2. John Lee Hooker – Money
3. The Young Holt Trio – Ain’t there something that money can’t buy
4. Maurice Simon & the Pie Men – The Git Go
5. The Golden Toadstools – Silly Savage
6. Louis Jordan – What I say
7. The Soul Society – The Sidewinder
8. The Marvelettes – Destination Anywhere
9. Curtis Mayfield – Move on up
10. Small Faces – All or nothing


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I run The New Untouchables organization and events like the Brighton Mod Weekender, Le Beat Bespoké Festival (and compilation series of the same name) and I co-organize Euro Ye Ye with the Trouble & Tea crew. I have run many clubs over the last 20 years in London, where I live and current nights include Timebox, Zoo Zoo, Crossfire, 100 Club and Mousetrap allnighter which has just celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2011. I have been lucky to DJ all over the globe including Japan, Canada, USA and Europe and met some great people on my journey. I run RnB Records to offset my vinyl addiction: for rare vintage vinyl.

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Brighton; about the young idea

Claire Mahoney looks at the young generation of mods that set the New Untouchables Brighton Mod Weekender alight this August with
impeccable style.

It’s not often that you use the word ‘Face’ when talking about mods these days. The term seems a little outmoded, especially when so many of us in the scene are way past our prime. But this year at the New Untouchables Brighton Weekender, a clutch of young mods seemed to get everyone talking, staring and most likely wondering just how they managed to get it so right.

It was as if the many black and white images of the 60s we so lovingly scoured for inspiration had suddenly come alive but with little twists of today. Of course, red lipstick was not really ‘a thing’ in the early to mid-60s as it is now. In fact, the 60s mod girls were pretty much bare-faced by today’s standards.

Original mod women that had perhaps painstakingly applied kohl eyeliner and battled with unforgiving false eye-lash glue some 50 years ago, would be forgiven for feeling a little envious of the flawless application of cat-eye flicks and eyebrow arches on these young doll-like faces. But everyone was in agreement that they looked absolutely brilliant.

Lara Bossence was at Brighton again this year and at just 14 is probably the youngest of the gang. She combines a traditional 60s look with early 60s skin and suede-head touches.

She says: “I like a clean-cut yet, young and fun style. I’m young and want to have fun with my style. I think attention to detail is key. For me, mod is standing out a little from the norm. I definitely see the difference between the Go-Go and psych styles. Mod is more classic.”

She says that she takes a lot of her inspiration from the continental styles of the French and Italians. Because of her age of course, she hasn’t just got first generation mods to look to for inspiration and has, in fact four or more decades of mod’s evolution to take ideas from.

“I suppose the hard mod/suedehead look is also of interest to me. I also admire the early rude girl look too. I just seem drawn to these styles the most. I don’t wish to stick rigidly to a ‘uniform’ as it were but, more to add my own twist and ideas to keep it fun too. My boyfriend is a skinhead and the smart, traditional skinhead look is also of interest.”

One thing that unites all of these girls it that their look is so true to original mod 60s styling. They don’t really do dresses and instead focus on well-chosen separates and accessories. Knee length skirts, loafers, driving shoes, flat Mary Janes, boxy jackets (bum freezers) and fitted knitwear.

Scarlett Bayliss is pretty much the British face of young mods today. Her look is unmistakable. And like any mod she is obsessed by detail. Last year at Brighton, I remember her raving to me about anoraks with a particular type of zip and was proudly sporting a hard to get hold of pair of brown Dr Scholl ladies driving shoes. At the moment she has a thing for green: “I don’t think I could live without my green jackets whether it’s an anorak or my green suede coat.”

What would be her wardrobe staples I ask?: “Essential elements would probably be any items in green or suede, or both! That would be something special. A nice fitted pair of trousers and smart bum freezer jacket, you can never go wrong.”

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Claire Mahoney

At the age of 13 mod made perfect sense to me. I liked the look and the attitude - but most of all I liked the music. Secret Affair was my entry point, but they were soon playing second fiddle in my affections to The Jam. Paul Weller, of course, proceeded to break mine and many others hearts in 1982, when he put an end to that particular musical roller coaster – but what it meant was that, uninterested in anything else that was happening in music at the time, I had to look back. I was lucky enough to be given two plastic bags full of 60s 45s by my uncle who used to stock the jukeboxes back in the day. Their contents included a number of Stax originals, plus the Who and the Small Faces, as well as Motown classics from The Four Tops and the Supremes. So, when Phil Collins charted in the mid 80s with 'You Can't Hurry Love' it was nice to be able to say: “I've got the original of that!” It became quite an irritating habit of mine over the years. These days I still enjoy discovering new, old music, be it soul, rnb or jazz, as well as witnessing mod taken another turn among today's youth with bands like The Strypes. My day job as a journalist means I am lucky enough to be able to write about music and modernism now and again. Other than that you'll find me mostly on the dance floor or on eBay still looking for that perfect A line dress.

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Rob’s Round-Up 4

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Rob’s Roundup

1. Tell us how the Annual Brighton Weekender is shaping up, its getting bigger every year how does that equate?

It’s looking good, I’m very excited about Marta Ren first UK show, the album is brilliant and I have heard the live shows are very exciting. The event continues to grow, we started in 2004 with 250 people and now have three venues in close proximity. Our main venue the Komedia and venue 2 have an authentic Modernist playlist and atmosphere. The recently added third venue is a cool cellar bar club just off the seafront and caters for those of the paisley persuasion. Freakbeat, Garage & Psych are on the menu and features Graham Day & Forefathers and Wolf People live this year. Our daytime events at the Volks are an incredible spectacle with scooters lined-up both sides of Maderia drive, we have a sun terrace, two bars and food served all day. The daytime activities include a market, live bands, DJ’s and a Scooter run and competition on the Sunday. Tickets sell fast and are always on sale to members of our own network first you can join up here for FREE

2. The Euro Ye Ye is looking fresh with all sorts of new features, can you run us through one fo the best Events in the Calendar?

We lost our home The Oasis in 2014 to McDonalds. Our new home the Casino is a fantastic venue right in the centre of town with a great live music and DJ set up together with air con and big dance floor. The weekend starts Thursday night at 10pm with a free live show from Marta Ren in the main square of the City to between 3-4K people, followed by our first allnighter in the Casino. The event attracts visitors from all over the world and has busy program including exhibitions, film festival, live bands and dj’s. There are also scooter runs organized each day to different locations either in the mountains or coastal villages close to Gijon with a restaurant booked for lunch.

3. How was Margate and what can we expect in the future with that event?

We made a good start in 2015 and this year was a significant improvement again with numbers up and a great atmosphere. The town is rapidly improving especially the old town where our events are. Old town has a Brighton/European feel about it with vintage and retro clothes shops, boutique restaurants, coffee shops and tea rooms. The venue is perfect for a Mod/60’s event with two rooms, low ceiling, good sound system and live music set up. Our outside space during the day has a more festival feel about it with a stage on the seafront, scooters all around the piazza and this year we were blessed with beautiful sunshine which transformed the event. 2017 we aim to deliver another strong program including an exhibition in the TURNER this year and hope for more beautiful weather.

4. What else is coming up in NUTsWorld? Anything you wish to say to Bands, DJs, People of the Scene and beyond?

Plenty of great live shows at the Blues Kitchen venues over the summer months with Marta Ren and Stone Foundation two of the highlights. Mousetrap takes a summer break and returns in September and before you know it Crossfire returns on 22 October.

The new NUTSCAST will be online around 20 July and will give you an idea of what to expect at Brighton this year with tracks from the artists and DJ performing.

A limited edition Brighton T-shirt will be available at the Volks Saturday and Sunday lunchtime this year.

Over the last twenty years we have championed many new bands and DJ’s that have gone on to have successful careers. If you think you would fit in well at our events by all means send us a demo or playlist or copy of your record to review/play in our radio show. If it works for us too we will be in touch, you can use the contact button on our website at

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Pip! Pip! Are the Creative Business Engine behind various music based organisations of the cool underground variety. Providing angst, confusion, bewilderment and annoyance in equal amounts. We design/host/manage great sites like this one! Why not hire us one day soon?

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Marta Ren (Newbreed)

Marta Ren & The Groovelvets are based in Porto, Portugal with current band members: Marta Ren (vox), Hugo Danin (drums), Bruno Macedo (guitar), Sérgio Marques (bass), Sérgio Alves (keyboards), Manu Idhra (percussion), Fábio Almeida ( tenor sax), Nelson Ferreira (trumpet) and Hugo Marinheiro (baritone sax)

01. How long have you been active for and how did you get together?

I started to sing professionally at 16 years of age, my first band “Sloppy Joe” were together, playing for 10 years, then came “The Bombazines”, I was already thinking of doing a solo album before the band finally ended. Three years ago, I started finding and talking to the musicians that I needed to make the album that I wanted to and I named them “The Groovelvets”, and then the adventure started!

02. What influences do the band members have in common?

Classic soul and funk, that’s what unites us. We also like other genres but what we really have in common is the love for that core music.

 03. Are there any other bands you’d recommend from your area? Why?

Almost every band coming from Daptone Records, Record Kicks or Timmion Records, I think the reason it’s obvious, they are releasing great classic soul and funk often with a modern twist.

04. What’s the 60’s/underground scene like where you’re from?

In the 60’s in Portugal, most of the bands played a lot of covers with adapted lyrics in Portuguese. We also have our famous ‘Fado’ singers and our traditional Portuguese songwriters.

05. How would you describe the style you play?

Classic soul and Funk.

06. What are your live shows like?

Normally we have nine musicians on stage, giving it all they’ve got. They’re energetic shows, you have little spaces to breathe, but we came to get you right after you catch your breath.

07. What are your main influences in music? Who do/would you play covers by? And who do you despise?

I love music in general , if I like a song it doesn’t matter what genre, but my main influences are soul and funk singers or bands. We play a cover from The Doors and another by Lucille Mathis. I despise everything that’s not done with truth and soul.

08. What are your main influences outside of music?

I like arts in general , I studied graphic arts from my 10º to 12º grade, but I think what influences me more are the movies.

09. Who writes your songs and what subjects do you deal with?

I always wrote my own lyrics and melodies, I think it’s important to really feel what you’re singing, the compositions came from different composers, some from the producer “New Max”, others from the bass player “Sérgio Marques” others from the guitar player “Bruno Macedo”, one from “Lino Matos” and other from “Eurico Amorim” former Bombazines. I mainly deal with life, with love relationships, frustration, unconformity, sometimes I write about friends stories or stories from movies that I relate to.

10. What’s your favourite song in your repertoire currently? What’s your favourite song by another artist?

That’s a tough one… it depends, on Monday my favorite is “So Long” and “I wanna go back”, Tuesday “Let’s talk about the kids” and “2 kinds of men”, Wednesday “Release Me” and “It’s today”, Thursday “I’m coming home” and “Smiling Faces” and Friday “Be ma Fela” and “Don’t Look”. It’s so hard to say one, I have many, the first it came to my mind was “Try a little Tenderness” from Otis Redding.

11. How would you describe the current underground scene? Do you participate?

If you asked me that 10 years ago, I could answer, now I don’t really know. I’m very focused on my family my dogs, my rehearsals with the band, I always try to suggest new arrangements for the songs or live show.

12. What has been the biggest challenge to date?

Every record or show are big challenges, but I think the biggest is yet to come.

 13. How often do you Rehearse? Play Live? Record? Anything interesting coming up?

We try to rehearse every week, with or without shows. Playing live, it really depends on various things, but normally we have three/four shows per month, it depends on the season. We have a lot of interesting shows coming up in Spain, France and England and at this moment we have a new video for “Release Me”.

14. What do you think of the music coverage in the media?

It’s the same I think in other similar subjects or arts, normally they cover with high-attention what they are told to do or paid to do, not what has real quality and new potential interest. It’s supposedly dangerous to cover interesting things, people could get clever with that and have their own new ideas!

15. Do you rate any current mainstream or underground bands?

The past days I spend listening to the new Red Hot Chilli Peppers album ‘The Getaway’.

16. Who/Where would you most like to record with and why?

Every record or producer has their own charm, I don’t really have a favourite. When I start recording I always feel like it’s going to be the first and last thing that I’m going to do in my entire life.

17. What should we expect from you in the future? What are your plans and ambitions? What interesting gig dates have you got coming up?

I expect to play this album as much as I can live, everywhere, all over the world, and make enough money to pay my bills and make the next record. Fortunately I have more than I expected , in Portugal a few new Festivals (not despising the other gigs, every gig is important and interesting to me) and I’m excited to go to Euro Yé Yé and Blues Kitchen and Brighton Weekender.

2002 – SINGLE ‘An Easy Night’s Day’,
2003 – EP ‘A Watchjob Apple’,
2004 – LP ‘The Profile Fillers Sing Your Destruction’, 2007 LP ‘Jimmy’

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I run The New Untouchables organization and events like the Brighton Mod Weekender, Le Beat Bespoké Festival (and compilation series of the same name) and I co-organize Euro Ye Ye with the Trouble & Tea crew. I have run many clubs over the last 20 years in London, where I live and current nights include Timebox, Zoo Zoo, Crossfire, 100 Club and Mousetrap allnighter which has just celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2011. I have been lucky to DJ all over the globe including Japan, Canada, USA and Europe and met some great people on my journey. I run RnB Records to offset my vinyl addiction: for rare vintage vinyl.

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Hey! Mr DJ – Acid Box DJs

This entry is part 5 of 7 in the series Hey! Mr DJ 4

NUTsMag recently caught up with Polly & Ollie for a quick chat about music…

1. How and when did you get into music and what were you listening to then?

Ollie: Through being involved in the skate scene, so much of my first insight into alternative and underground music was watching skate videos and through the people I met along with it. It was a great source of so much alternative music, mostly upbeat and good rhythm is key with the pace of the visuals, discovered so many bands local to those who lived amongst cool underground rock n roll scenes in countries around the world who made skate videos with certain tracks.

2. Where was your first DJ slot?

Our old local “Blue Bar” in Eastbourne, it was the local haunt for all the misfit adolescents in the town and they pretty much let anyone, any genre on the decks because we were all friends, we’d been collecting records for a while so gave it a go and got hooked.

3. What was your most memorable DJ spot?

Our most memorable would be DJing the main stage at Cosmosis Manchester, a friend of ours was one of the promoters and booked us to play the festival, we got swapped slots/stage last-minute and ended up DJing the main stage between some of our favourite bands of all time plus some of the best upcoming UK bands (Lola Colt, The Raveonettes, Uncle Acid & Deadbeats, BJM, Jesus & Mary Chain). That will stick in the memory bank for a while no doubt!

4. What so far, has been your worst DJ experience?

A few months back we were DJing at Late Night Lingerie Club night down at sticky mikes frog bar, it gets pretty crazy down there in the basement with not much to distance the bands or the DJs from the riled up gig goers and random punters looking to rock out til the early hours. Definitely had more than its fair share of mishaps but the most notable has got to be when we turned our backs from the DJ booth for a few minutes and returned to see the laptop drenched in cider. You can imagine we weren’t best pleased. We’ve been sticking to just playing our trusty vinyl on turntables since that incident.

5. Your favourite scene DJ’s and why?

We don’t particularly listen to much radio or go out-of-town for DJ events so most of our favourite DJs are just fellow local music enthusiasts, no.1 has got to be the cramps worshiping, surf trash wax spinners “Stay Sick!”, always sure to discover some obscure 7” bangers when Neil’s on the decks along with hearing the band’s history and whole back story of how he came across the record, been a real influence to us and it’s great to be promoting allies.

6. What has shaped your DJ sound and why?

Being a promoter has certainly shaped our DJ sound, we both discover and get offered to put on bands all the time, if we dig it but can’t book them a show then we’ll probably still end up with their record which gets played out to our local audience, and the same with any upcoming shows we have, we play the records out which in turn promotes the bands and our shows, we’ve sold tickets at DJ events after being asked for a track name, it’s great to be able to say “if you’re into this then you can catch them live right here next month!

7. What was your best ever find/discovery?

There’s so many! But this one has to be All Them Witches. Discovered there records sometime early last year and since have become a favourite and regular spinner at our events, almost every time a punter approaches the DJ booth to ask the track name! Their worldwide fan base has rocketed recently and we’ve been lucky enough to book their Brighton show, it’s looking to be our biggest ever gig yet!

8. Who was your biggest influence musically and your favourite artist(s)?

Biggest musical influence is generally the rock n roll movement of the late 60s, most notably the MC5. They have such a great chemistry and ethos and to this day one of the best yet most underrated rock n roll bands and exactly how I believe music should be. They wrote pure and heartfelt music that most psychedelic bands of the time were, yet being in their own bubble conveyed that into super fun and raucous live shows with proper rock n roll attitude, each with the talent to back it all up.

9. Do you collect specific labels/artists/genres?

Certain labels are definitely always on the radar, mostly new indie labels, ‘In The Red’ for heavy fuzzy punk, ‘Burger’ for the best US garage rock, and then ‘Beyond Beyond is Beyond’ and ‘Fuzz Club’ are currently putting on the best neo-psychedelia, we’ve been lucky enough to work closely with Fuzz Club, hosting so many of their bands and have tons of their records, it’s a great partnership.

10. Where can folks currently catch your DJ set?

Every Tuesday you can find us at Dead Wax Social in the North Laine area of Brighton. The venue is a trendy bar serving craft beer and awesome fresh sourdough pizzas while we spin heady psych, stoner jams and modern & vintage rock n roll til late, hence the name for the night “Stoned Circles”! We also appear at various other venues across the city including The Hope & Ruin, Green Door Store and we run a free entry monthly club night at Sticky Mikes Frog Bar which launched in June and goes by the name Bitch Craft celebrating iconic women in alternative pop/rock culture.

11. What is the record you would most like to own?

The secret/lost tapes of Rocky Erickson and the 13th floor elevators.

12. Please give us a top 10 all time favourites and a current top 5 spins?

Top 10 Tracks of All Time:
1. MC5 – Looking at you
2. B52s – 52 Girls
3. The Doors – Peace Frog
4. Rodrigues – Only For Good Conversation
5. Elephant Stone – L.A Woman
6. Ty Segall – Caesar
7. BJM – Vad Hande Med Dem?
8. Yuck – Get Away
9. Thee Oh Sees – The Dream
10. Shocking Blue – Send me a postcard

Current Top 5 Tracks:
1. All them Witches – Charles William
2. Heaters – Kamikazi
3. Kikagaku Moyo – Streets of Calcutta (Ananda Shankar)
4. Mr Elevator & The Brain Hotel – Nico & Her Psychedelic Subconscious
5. New Candys – Dark Love

Resident DJs at:
‘ACID BOX Presents’ live shows at various venues.
Dead Wax Social (Stoned Circles)
Sticky Mikes Frog Bar (Bitch Craft / Late Night Lingerie)

Web Links:
twitter @acidboxpromo
instagram @acidbox_promotions
facebook/ acidboxpromotions

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I run The New Untouchables organization and events like the Brighton Mod Weekender, Le Beat Bespoké Festival (and compilation series of the same name) and I co-organize Euro Ye Ye with the Trouble & Tea crew. I have run many clubs over the last 20 years in London, where I live and current nights include Timebox, Zoo Zoo, Crossfire, 100 Club and Mousetrap allnighter which has just celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2011. I have been lucky to DJ all over the globe including Japan, Canada, USA and Europe and met some great people on my journey. I run RnB Records to offset my vinyl addiction: for rare vintage vinyl.

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NUTs – Brighton Weekend 2015

The New Untouchables – Brighton 2015

As my cab pulled into North Street, the spectacle that is Grit’s & Groove corner came into view. Every year the sight sends shivers and raises hairs – the sight of sharply dressed and sussed Mods spanning the width of the junction of North Street and Gardner Street, home to the Komedia, where the next three nights the New Untouchables events would be presented. As my cab passed, I could see the faces of friends from all over the UK & Europe. Just proving that the Brighton weekender, was the place to be.

As I entered the building, the queue was already 75 strong and it was only 10:45. Sound checks done, in both rooms, the clock struck 23:00 – doors opened – the weekend starts here!

The Main Room, started to fill, quickly, with smartly dressed Mods, ready to dance, and after that first taste of Dutch courage, or was it the sound of Billy Larkin’s version of “I’ve Got A Woman”? – the dance-floor was full – and there, the precedence was set for the rest of the evening, through until three am. The plethora of Mod sounds, all played from original vinyl kept the hand’s clappin’, feet tappin’ and the refreshments flowin’!

Meanwhile, upstairs in the Studio Bar, The Ham Yard DJ’s Guy, Ryan, Lucas, Rachelle & Stacey were turning up the heat on the dancefloor, playing some of the best in Soul, Jazz & Rhythm & Blues.

3 am came around too quickly and it was time to say the “See you tomorrows!” but there were just as many “Hello’s!” from  a flock of new faces I hadn’t seen during Fridays proceedings.

If there was a view to be had of Madera Drive it’s from the top of the wheel, or the access ramps above The Volks. It’s 13:15 and I’ve just arrived to the afternoon session, official kick off at 13:00, but as the story goes, they were arriving from 11am… So back to my view… rows of scooters adorned the roadside outside the Volks, also opposite to both sides of the pathway, with more and more pulling up throughout the afternoon. Inside the venue, there were many dealers with quality items, from original clothing, shoes, records, accessories to mobile tailoring, and no roundel embossed tat in sight. The rest of afternoon was spent playing catch up with various friends from around the globe who I see more than the blue mooners. The standard of dress was impeccable, and great to see the New Breed showing some, how it should be done!

Throughout the afternoon guest DJ’s gave us an insight into their own personal record collections as well as live set’s from The Turning & Gemma & The Travellers both introduced by the Baron and both received very well!

For me Saturday night had started at 21:00 at venue 2 – The Volks. From the ‘git-go’ the dance floor was moving and grooving – again the atmosphere was electric and the clientele very smart. Deck duties were handed over to Gary Wall from Nottingham and Paul Molloy from Glasgow, and I made my way over to The Komedia, for round two.

Mirroring the previous night’s views, I entered the Komedia to the sound of the un-credited version of The What Four’s – ‘Destroy That Boy’ and Rita & The Tiara’s’ version of ‘Gone With The Wind Is My Love’. Thirty minutes into the evening and Rob Bailey is dropping these tracks to an appreciative audience. Just time, for a couple of ‘hello’s’ and to get a pint or two, of liquid refreshment, just to keep me going during my set. Many dancing feet and clapping hands show their appreciation for Rob’s early doors, soul selections. Topping it off with, Joey Heatherton’s – ‘When You Call Me Baby’. Tonight’s DJ team, Rob, Gary, Paul, Chris Dale & myself played to a very appreciative crowd, keeping the floor filled until the last note.

Tonight upstairs in the Studio bar, the guest club hosting, is R&B 1, 2, 3. with avid vinyl selectors Alan Handscombe, Chris Dale & Mary Boogaloo at the decks. Every time I popped in to this room, the true Mod Club atmosphere was inescapable, sussed, smart and sweaty.

Sunday started again down at The Volks, with the dealers looking like they were doing a roaring trade, with many more scooters adorning the roadside. Many daytrippers, for the impressive ride out, and scooter competition. Again more faces from all over the globe were in attendance, chatting, drinking, looking sharp & listening to the music being played by the afternoons guest DJ’s Tim Fuller & Samantha Stevens to name a couple. Bringing you some great sounds from their own personal collections, and not that god forsaken 7T’s Wigan crap that some one thought was good being played out of their scooter stereo, ruining the vibe, just not Mod or cool man!

Scott Fraser Simpson and Martin Coolcat joined out host Rob for the in enviable task of judging the scooter competition. The standard of both models was incredible but the sheer amount of amazing Lambretta s meant that after over an hour and much deliberation the results were as follows. The trophies were presented in front of the big wheel with Brighton Pier as the backdrop for photos, congratulations to:

Best LambrettaJaymo Kid – TV175
Best VespaJohn Paterson – SS180
Best ModDarryl Bunker – TV175.

Many thanks to judges and Ade & Claire, Neil & Mel and Andy McCovy for help with marshalling the ride-out a superb job folks.

Early doors at The Volks for me again, and then back to the Komedia for the last time this year.

In the Main room, Brighton Got Soul was in full flow. I only caught part of Ginger Taylor & Chris Dale’s sets. And again the dancefloor was packed, Mods & Soulies enjoying the best Soul and the atmosphere was buzzin’. All the reviews from this room were good. Well done, Yann, Craig & Simon the other DJ’s in this room.

The Mousetrap was the guest club in the Studio bar tonight, with Chris Dale, Rob Bailey, myself and guest Scott Fraser-Simpson supplying the Hand Clappin’ Foot Stompin’ 45’s, where I spent most of my night. Again, the appreciation for the soundtrack was shown at the end of every tune and the voting was done with the feet… The Mousetrap baton was passed over to the Fuzz For Freaks DJ team at 3am who kept the party going thru until dawn.

It’s at this point I realised that I’m not in my early years anymore, and the 5 hour drive does not seem as easy as it sounds after spending 3 days with the most sussed, smart fantastic friends & acquaintances, laughing, drinking and peacocking around… Bring on Brighton 2016!

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Lee Miller

I've called myself a Mod since around 1980. I first discovered the scene through 2-Tone & The Jam et al. Throughout my 35 years, I have been on a musical journey through the world of "Mod Music" - discovering something new at every RPM. Started attending Mod Clubs & Rallies in 1985, and have never looked back. DJ spots at local events escalated to London and beyond. As well as guest slots, being part of the NUT's DJ team and residencies at The Mousetrap (20 years) I’ve been involved with the hosting of events - From, The Maidstone Brandy & Blues Club, The Sidewinder & Gettin' To The Point (Leeds) and The Dreamsville Mod Weekender (Lowestoft), to name just a few!

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Rob’s Roundup

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Rob’s Roundup

Welcome to Rob’s Round-Up!

I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and welcome to my new blog where I can chat to you about what’s going on in the NUTsWORLD. Our summer events are coming thick and fast now, below I talk about some of the highlights to look out for and click on the links for the full programs.

The new issue of NUTSMAG with over a dozen great articles from our writing team includes Interviews with Betty Harris, Powder and The Excitements plus a number of scene DJ’s.

Out now for your listening pleasure is the new NUTSCAST with tracks from artists and DJ’s performing at Brighton and Euro YeYe and some of the latest record releases from current artists.

We got some great gigs and club nights coming up in the Capitol over the summer.

Join the NU network for FREE here for the very latest news and special offers.

Euro YeYe – 31 July – 2 August 2015

After the Oasis closed to become a McDonalds drive through (sacrilege), we have two amazing new venues in the City Centre for our favourite event of the year. If you have never been you still have a few weeks to join us for a wild weekend in Spain, you won’t regret it! For full info: Click Here! & Promo video here!

Brighton Mod Weekender – 28-30 August 2015

We have just 20 tickets left for Sunday and 50 for the Friday night at the Komedia now. Tickets for Venue 2 and 3 on Saturday night are selling fast and will get you into the Komedia allnighter after 3am. The full program including DJ’s and bands +  ticket info is here:
This video will give you a good idea of what to expect in Brighton.

Brighton ‘fuzz-for-freaks’ Weekender – 29 + 30 August 2015

After the success of last year we have planned another weekender for those of the Paisley persuasion featuring an exciting line-up of the best new up and coming live bands. On Sunday Les Grys Grys and Saturday the Magnetic Mind and The Carnations. Our disc jockeys will be playing the wildest Freakbeat, Garage and Psych 45’s in our intimate groovy cellar club just off Brighton seafront, think Mousetrap by the seaside and you got the picture. Check out our short promo video here! Program & tickets are here!

Crossfire Sat 10 October 2015

Get ready for another big night out of pure vintage underground partying. Our 1000 capacity venue in the heart of central London has three rooms of action with an all night bar. A stellar DJ line-up plus FOGBOUND, CAT BLACK and THE BEATNIKS live in the Beat Room.
Full info here!

Small Faces Convention – Sat 12 September 2015

The 19th annual Small Faces Convention takes place at 229, Central London. Small World, The Universal, The 45’s and The Electric Stars confirmed + special guests, memorabilia market and a Ronnie Lane Exhibition. Tickets are £22 from HERE! (No Booking Fee!)

New Untouchables Club & Gig Scene


We have a lot of great gigs coming up at the Blues Kitchen, Camden in July. This Thursday NUTSMAG review continues with Cat Black, French Boutik and The Mocking Birds live for FREE. On 23 July we are delighted to announce a NUTsMAG special with the first ever performance from America’s answer to the Who, POWDER. Arrive early it’s FREE to get in and will be a busy one, you can read Graham Lentz fab interview with Richard Martin HERE. Friday 24 July is ZOO ZOO with one of my favourite bands from the early naughties the Phrogs for what will be a double-header with the evergreen Big Boss Man, arrive early folks. I’ll be spinning some discs along with a special guest until 3am.

Sat 18 July more MAXIMUM R&B this time at The Phoenix in Oxford Circus, expect Freakbeat, Pop-Art, R&B and boss Garage 45’s in our fab basement venue with a great selection of cocktails and craft beers and a huge wooden dancefloor with brilliant sound system.

August is quiet on the club front except two shows at the Blues Kitchen on the Friday 28 August. Gemma & the Travellers play Shoreditch Got Soul and Les Grys Grys play two sets at Zoo Zoo, Blues Kitchen Camden.

Mousetrap returns September with two stellar DJ line-ups. R&B allnighter returns on 12 September with guest DJ’s Cousin Benson (A Band A Parte), Jamie Parr (Teen Scene) and Lewis Mumford (Dandy Bloom) joining me and Chris Dale. The following Saturday Fabrice De Feo of UBU Popland records in Paris, Rhys Webb of Horrors fame and Carolina join me for ‘Fuzz For Freaks’ sessions.

The line-up’s for NUTsMAG, ZOO ZOO and TIMEBOX in September is yet to be confirmed.


The new issue of NUTSMAG is out and includes Interviews with Betty Harris, Powder and The Excitements and DJ’s Mary Boogaloo, Gary Wall, Simon Bridger, Craig ‘Swifty’ Simpson, Paul Molloy and Scott Fraser Simpson. Other articles include part 2 James Thomas excellent new series ‘Jazz for Modernists’. James Clark collectors corner is the UK Atlantic Soul record releases. Enjoy Pete Feeley and Claire Mahoney simply brilliant articles on style and fashion and Graham Lentz reviews the latest record and books worth a punt on.

Some great reviews and airplay recently, grab a copy on vinyl or CD while stock lasts. The other new release this year was the Mousetrap 24th anniversary 45 both available in the NUTSTORE along with Mousetrap 45’s, Le Beat Bespoke and Modstock Vinyl & CDs, The Action DVD and I’m One-21st Century Mod’s Book, Pins and T-Shirts.


Out Now! Modstock LP and Le Beat Bepsoke 6 Vinyl & CD via the Nutstore!

RnB Records

I just added a lot of new 45’s to the website and offer 10% discount on any order over £50. Rare 45s and LPs! Clubs Sounds (RnB, Soul Jazz, Latin, Boogaloo, Blues and Funk) Freakbeat/ Garage/ Psych/ Rock/ Blue Eyed Soul, Northern Soul/ Mod Revival & Punk. Go to: RnB Records here!


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So errrr… What exactly is the New Untouchables?

The New Untouchables is a London, UK-based organisation promoting 21st century modernist & sixties underground music culture, through various methods including; nightlife, events, media, film, fashion, scootering, record collecting, with both UK and International Events!

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I run The New Untouchables organization and events like the Brighton Mod Weekender, Le Beat Bespoké Festival (and compilation series of the same name) and I co-organize Euro Ye Ye with the Trouble & Tea crew. I have run many clubs over the last 20 years in London, where I live and current nights include Timebox, Zoo Zoo, Crossfire, 100 Club and Mousetrap allnighter which has just celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2011. I have been lucky to DJ all over the globe including Japan, Canada, USA and Europe and met some great people on my journey. I run RnB Records to offset my vinyl addiction: for rare vintage vinyl.

More Posts - Website - Twitter - Facebook

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