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Reviews December 2016 – Part 1

Ian McLagen


All The Rage – Book

There is nothing I can say about Ian McLagan that has not already been said a hundred times before. Reaction to his untimely passing was testimony enough as to his high standing among his family, friends, peers and fans around the world. This third edition of Mac’s autobiography, originally published in 1998 is out on the Pan imprint in a paperback format and for my money, still one of THE must-read books of its type. The reason I say this is simple enough. This is a warts-and-all account of the man’s life. The good, the bad and the indifferent. His honesty is faultless, his ability to tell the tales of the shenanigans he got up to with the bands he played in are utterly entertaining, but crucially, you feel like you really get to know the man behind that cheeky, mischievous grin. This is a book that any self-respecting fan of the Small Faces and The Faces should have, but what may surprise some is just how many great songs Mac played on and how many great artists he worked with over the years. He was always in demand and when you reach that level in the music business, you must be a supreme musician, which he was of course. So if you need an ideal Christmas present for someone, you can’t go far wrong with this book.

The Lancashire Hustlers


Adventure – Album

Brent Thorley and Ian Pakes return with the final instalment of their concept trilogy of albums which began with ‘She was Just An Opportunist’ and ‘What Made Him Run’. ‘Adventure’ continues the same pop-perfection as the previous two outings with the title track, ‘Desert Drive’ and ‘What Are You For She Said’ being prime examples of the sheer quality of song writing from this multi-talented duo. I’ve noted before that Mr Thorley’s vocal style and sound reminds me of Neil Finn, and I would say if Britain has an equal to Crowded House, Lancashire Hustlers are it in every respect. ‘Sunny Interval’ from the ‘What Made Him Run’ album has become one of my ‘Desert Island Discs’ and I was interested to see if there was an equal to that sublime track on this LP. Low and behold, they did it again with ‘Where Am I?’
So well done Lancashire Hustlers, consistency in the music biz is a hard nut to crack, but you’ve achieved it with consummate ease.

Nick Pride & The Pimptones


Go Deep – Album

The sad news of Sharon Jones’s passing has shocked the soul world, but it is a testament to her influence that a new generation of soul acts have been inspired by her career. Nick Pride and The Pimptones certainly fall into that category and since 2007, they have been producing consistently great soul. This is their fourth album and the best to date. A myriad of influences are evident, from James Brown to Etta James, Flack and Hathaway to Archie Bell. Beth Macari handles the vocals supremely well and the Pimptones are as tight as could be. Stand-out tracks include ‘Gotta Leave The Lady Alone’, ‘Good Day’ and ‘What The Heart Wants’. The album is out on Legere Records which is by far and away one of the foremost soul labels in Europe and the perfect home for this Newcastle-based outfit.

Nick Waterhouse


Never Twice – LP

If there is one artist who has continually represented the modern sound of mod, it has to be Nick Waterhouse. He has always managed to give Rhythm and Blues a new refreshing slant and (as far as I know) he is the only current artist to have his songs played at club nights. His recent appearance on ‘Later’ is much deserved and I know his UK fans were delighted to see him educate the ‘muggles’ in class and style. This album follows on from the superb ‘Holly’ and Nick Waterhouse shows no sign of slowing down. This is just brilliant. Simple as that. Be it ‘The Old Place’, ‘It’s Time’, or ‘I Had Some Money’, each one is a classic in the making and ones that will be played in mod clubs for many years. On ‘Katchi’, Nick is joined by the wonderful Leon Bridges. What Nick does so well, is to tap into the very essence of proper R&B and work with it to create something very special. Do yourself a favour, put this album on your Christmas present list and insist that it had better be under the tree on the day or there will be tantrums!

Graham Lentz

AKA ‘The Baron’ - Like many of his generation, The Jam started Graham's love affair with all things mod back in 1977. He is the author of 'The Influential Factor - A History Of Mod' which was originally published in 2002. An extract from the book was re-printed in Paolo Hewitt's 'The Sharper Word - revised edition' in 2011. Being a self-confessed 'broad-church' mod, Graham's interests range from Modern Jazz to today's up-coming new bands and everything in between. Although he has a passion for mod history, he also has a passion for the new. Whether it's music, clubs, media of every kind, clothing, scooters or art and photography, Graham supports, promotes and encourages as much as he can, because that's how we keep going. 'Give it a chance' is his motto. If it's not for you, that's cool, at least you tried it.

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