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Euro YeYe 2012 Review by Felix

There’s no Euro-crisis in sight when the Euroyeye comes around. Thousands of mod culture and 60’s lovers gather in Gijon every summer, and some of them have already booked flights long before knowing the line-up. It means a great deal to us that after 18 years the fans of this event return year-after-year and have great faith in us to deliver an exciting program.

Thursday was the first live gig, after the presentation of 60’s cult film screenings and the Action Exhibition CCAI and Max Galli’s Midnight to Six at Cleo shop. Onstage DC Fontana performed new songs alongside old favorites. After 30 minutes Don Fardon joined them and performed a dozen of his 60’s anthems including ‘I’m Alive’. This was an amazing start to the weekend in the main square of the city with over 4000 people in attendance, followed by the allnighter at our base for the weekend Discoteca Oasis.

The first official ride out took place on Friday afternoon with a  gathering of old scoots at the really cool sports port with a ride-out in the direction of Villaviciosa on a fantastic sunny day. After less than one hour all the scoots were parked at Sidra El Gaitero factory and an expert explained to us all how their special cider is made. Back to Gijón for a light meal at Casa Pepito using a secondary road that everyone loved for its twist and turns, ups and downs, forests and mountains.

For the second allnighter doors opened at 10pm with Los Granadioans a unique Reggae style band presenting their forth LP/CD, Reggalactico. Next up was the turn for quintessential UK Psychedelic band, Kaleidoscope, with Peter Daltrey backed by an American band–an unforgettable experience. The allnighter was wild, with the best mod and 60’s music played by over a dozen DJ’s from Europe.

Saturday afternoon saw the second planned scooter run, using secondary roads again ending with a quick snack (we call ‘vermutin’) and a grand meal in the Royal Golf Club of Gijón, a truly posh and amazing place that we won’t be able to get again (I wonder why?).

No time for coffee, I’m late for the Battle Of The Bands contest by the beach in Gijón’s Monkey club. After watching four bands the winners were Los Wallas. They will record a single at vintage recording specialists, Circo Perrotti Studios, with a release on Saturno Records and a video clip (Producciones Cucas) and it is all for free.

The other three bands were nominated and were given one recording each as well having two of them, Los Chavalas and The Dark Colors, open for The Strypes that night in the allnighter. And what a concert from the Strypes. These kids shut all the bigmouths that dismissed them as ‘Just kids’. What skill and excitement the kids demonstrated, playing covers just like the Stones, Beatles, Yardbirds and The Who when their musical journey began. Everybody was shocked with the performance and they have a big future in front of them .

The allnighter afterwards was frantic and really crazy, ending up at gone 8am with lots of people asking for more… not me.

I raised the white flag on the Sunday but I was told that over 50 brave scoots were still riding towards Luanco and back during the day, and appeared for last night concerts. Any fragile souls will have rocked to the core when garage band Las Aspiradores hit the stage, leading to a visit from the Police–too loud, boys. Last act of the weekend was 60’s cult band, The Sorrows, performing all the hits.

A fantastic restaurant was booked for everyone on Monday to enjoy the local dishes and Sideria before their journey home. The most important people in this festival are not the band members or the DJs but the audience who come and enjoy the allnighters, live concerts, scooter runs and 60’s culture every summer.

Many thanks to all sponsors, Gijón City Council, Merc, Cleo Modern & Vintage Clothing, Upbeat Discos, Delicious Junction, Marychic, UK Look, Upthight65, Carnaby Pontevedra, Monkey Britsyle, all artists, bands, DJs and everybody involved in the organisation or simply everybody that made it to the Yeye in these difficult times, each helping to create the unique atmosphere.

Next stop: The Beat Goes On in Madrid, 6 to 8 December. Don’t miss it!

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Felix EuroYeYe

Organizador de weekends mods y 60's como el Euroyeyé y el Beat Goes On. In Gijon, Spain.

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Euro YeYe 2012 Review by Holly Calder

After finally making it over to Euro Yeye for the first time in 2011, I was delighted to get an email from Rob inviting Sarah and me to play some records this year. After last year discovering there’s no need to fear the heat (thank you Spanish air conditioning) I was raring to go. And then I saw the line up and this was looking like being even better than last year.

Things kicked off with Don Fardon backed by DC Fontana on the open air stage at the Plaza Mayor, playing his 60s back catalogue and mod classic ‘I’m Alive’, sans dancing Dodo. A nice opener before we made a dash back to our hotel to collect our records for our first night of djing. Everyone was in the main room together, a great mix of psych and R&B and everything in between.

Friday was spent showing Sarah around, the city itself is definitely an important part of what makes Euro Yeye such an enduring weekender that people return to. Although we were without our Basque friend this year, and had little or no grasp of  Spanish we muddled through and found people to be very friendly and helpful.

There was time for a quick drink at the afternoon venue where we were pleased to find more friends from around Spain and beyond had arrived, before going to sample some incredible seafood paella. Everything you hear about the seafood in Gijon is true… superb!

Before that, the moment I was most excited about ever since hearing glowing reports from The See See’s Richard Olson… 60s psych stalwarts, Kaleidoscope. The buzz in the open air bar suggested that everyone was feeling the same, and with word of members of Brian Jones Town Massacre and Quarter After and other impressive acts helping to make up the band backing Peter Daltrey there was no doubt in my mind that this would be special. I was far from disappointed, dipping into his incredible back catalogue Daltrey’s voice sounded faultless, as did his band. He’d initially turned down offers to return on stage to play Kaleidoscope tracks until this band was presented to him, it’s abundantly clear why.

They were by far my favourite live act of the weekend, but the much talked about Strypes proved their worth on Saturday, playing a solid set of R&B stompers ridiculously well considering how young they are.

We were soon ready for another night sponsored by Vodka Burn, our last in Spain and time to spin more records. I started to feel a little apprehensive as our first set approached, as the Spanish master-in-garage, Borja, played an incredible set to a full dance floor, and one of the largest crowds we’ve ever played to. The Spanish crowd’s reputation of being up for a party steadied my nerves once we started, thank you to everyone for one of the most enjoyable DJ experiences I’ve had.

Unfortunately we had to head back to Scotland before catching Sunday night’s acts, but if Le Beat Bespoke was anything to go by The Sorrows would have been a real highlight. All in all, another incredible weekend, and one you have to try if you’ve never been. Big thanks to Rob and Felix for their organising, and the invitation, to the bands and the other DJs in both rooms, and to all of our friends from around Europe who helped to make the weekend so enjoyable.

We will definitely be back. Here’s to Euro Yeye 2013.

Editor’s Notes from ‘Scotch’ Martin Gavin

Gijon is a port in the northern province of Astuarias (Spain), not to be confused with mustard-mad Dijon (which is in France), has a population of just over 280,000 and dates back to The Romans.

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Holly Calder

I’m one half of Eyes Wide Open in Glasgow, where we run a club, a label and now the Double Sight Psych & Garage Weekend, which takes place at the start of October. I love psych, garage, freakbeat, popsike, and have even been known to enjoy a wee bit of R&B! Always enjoy travelling to 60s clubs and weekenders around Europe, whether I’m there to DJ or just to mingle and dance!

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Brighton August 2012 Review by Nicky Bubbles

As usual, the August bank holiday is upon us all too quickly after the short spell of sunshine and clear skies that constitutes a British summer. It has to be said that, despite the topsy turvy weather (always a struggle for the sartorially inclined) 2012 has been a largely successful one in terms of scooter events and rides for the Bar Italia Scooter Club.

From Greenwich in March to the Palace in May and even the Le Mans in June to display our scooters, we’ve been pretty busy. But the icing on the metaphorical cake, is the Brighton August Bank holiday weekend rideout.

So, with a hotel booked and our friends Catford Chris and Joeli kindly agreeing to take the suit carrier in their car (just enough room with all of Chris’s records), the French one and I planned the journey to the coast from our dwellings in sarf-east London. The scenic route via B-roads is an absolute must for anyone wanting to take in the idyllic Kent/Sussex countryside and a pleasure to deal with on a 50-year-old shopping trolley.

Sunday arrives all too soon after a cracking Saturday night. A worthwhile mention to the chap from Perth (Australia) who I chatted to at the bar. Dare I say it made me reminisce about my mis-spent youth?

A new scooter and some forward planning helped things along. This time everyone was facing in the right direction on Madeira Drive–what a sight! A few hundred scooters and riders greeted us as we turned onto the promenade. Every style, with numbers growing by the second (I think I said multiplying like single-celled amoebas).

A check in with Rob at the Volks meant pushing through heaving crowds. It was then time to start the judging for the scooter competition. For this, the keen eyes of Gary Milan and Paul Boddy were employed. Judging was tough this year. A lot of people had put effort into restoring or accessorising, but we were forced get a move on as we ran out of time and the rideout was due to start.

At 3pm exactly, 400 scooters were idling waiting for instructions. A kick of the starter and I made my way through the pack to lead the charge. Thanks to everyone who understood instructions. Then we were off!

Up the ramp on Madeira Drive, right onto the coastal road and sit tight against the fresh August wind buffeting me all over the road…or was that the DT’s? Through Saltdean and after five miles along it’s time to pull into the end point of the Smugglers Rest pub. Various groups of scooter riders didn’t hear about the end point and made it clear they were off to Beachy Head. Fair play–the rest of us plotted up on a bench and had a well earned hair-of-the-dog and rest. Then it was back on the bikes, rounding up the troops and back to the Volks to announce the competition winners:

Best Lambretta–green series 2 LI–reg X75 XUB belonging to Shaun

Best Vespa–blue and silver GS150 reg–HFO 815 belonging to Richard

Best Mod Scooter–orange and cream series 1–regXJJ 813 belonging to Andrew

Honorable mentions should also be given to Marco from Rimini Lambretta Centre and his blue/chrome series 1, as well as Daniele from Italy and his gold/green Series 3. If there were awards for furthest travelled…

Thanks as always to the NUTs team for a great weekend and everyone who took part. Keep ‘em peeled for more Bar Italia S.C. adventures in the usual places.

Photography by: © Ramees Farooqi 2012

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Nicky Bubbles

Nicky Bubbles was bitten by the bug as a young lad in Australia. With the sounds of Otis, Diana and Marvin in the background of his youth, it was a deep seeded passion for Tamla that helped propel him towards the Mod scene in his mid twenties. The love of scooters was also apparent from a relative obsessed with Vespas. This led to Nicky joining and subsequently taking over the reigns at Central London’s only dedicated geared scooter club as ‘El Presidente’- Bar Italia SC. Based in Soho, the spiritual home of the Mod/ern/ist, the club meet on sundays at the iconic all night coffee bar, drink some of London’s best ground blend, and plan/ride through Central London throughout the year, as well as collaborate with fellow clubs in the South East region. The club, now approaching it’s tenth year anniversary as an official club, has a heavy influence by the scene and represents the more sussed part of the scootering fraternity. All other clubs are welcome, as well as any solo riders, Mod or otherwise.

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Brighton August 2012 Review by Scott Simpson

This year was my fifth weekender, if my memory serves me correctly: alcohol-assisted weekends seem to blur into one when I try to recall them. Arriving on the Thursday there was already a buzz about Brighton town centre. Scooters racing up the seafront, people milling around the winding lanes looking out for those last minute purchases before the weekend got into full swing.

Friday opened out in the main room of the Komedia, where the events of the whole weekend would take place. Like many weekenders, the first hour was a chance to catch up with old friends and meet new people. The pull that this weekend has was more apparent this year as there were people over from Australia and America – not forgetting the hardcore Europeans that make it over every year to show us their version how to party.

It wasn’t long until legendary NUT’s resident DJ Pid, along with new-to-the-decks, Scully, smacked down some tasty dance floor tracks. From then on with the help from Mary Boogaloo and the guv’nor, Rob Bailey, the DJs kept it going until the 3am finish.

Saturday morning, slightly fuzzy headed, we made our way down to the daytime venue the Volks bar on the seafront, Scooters everywhere, the vintage clothes and record stalls were healthier than the year before and were packed with promising offerings. 

A chance to chat with people under the sun (with the odd shower… it is the British summer time after all) and listen to the bands, Shake 101 and Elgazelle. Between the bands DJs changed over and helped to keep the vibe going, pulling out some wax that got people’s feet tapping and ready to welcome in the night ahead.

Rolling up to the pubs across from the Komedia, which seemed to be the usual meeting point, you could sense the night ahead already with people filling both pubs and spilling out onto the street. In the weeks leading up to the bank holiday there was a surge in ticket sales and it was decided in order to accommodate everyone a second venue would be opened up for the Saturday and Sunday nights in two different locations.

With both sold-out the dance floors were packed, turning the large basement venue, even with the air-con, into what could only have been described as a sweat box. This though only adding to the atmosphere of this weekend – it’s proper. Going on until a later time slot of 5am it was again busy up till the last song was spun from the DJs Callum Simpson, Holly, Pid, Chris Dale, Lee Miller and host, Rob Bailey.

Sunday daytime means the rideout, scooter competition, more music, clothes and a chance to recuperate before the allnighter. I have to say the calibre of scooter at this weekender was high. Some driving over from Italy–Dean and Marco from the famous Rimini Lambretta were amongst my favourites. The rideout drew 400 scooters headed up by Bar Italia scooter club. 

Back home to change, pick up my records and head off to the usual watering holes. Some Dutch courage then I made my way up to the second room of the Komedia. The venue tonight was split into a Northern Soul in the basement and a 60s R&B/ Psych room on the ground floor. I was slightly apprehensive as I started playing the first set but boy… there was no need to be. The crowd were easily one of the best that I had ever played out to, welcoming the new progressive club sounds right through to the classics that got everyone singing.

That was the last night to get a few drinks and dances in–people were taking full advantage of it and once the two rooms came together for the last hour it was down to Warren Boogaloo & Chris Dale to finish up. When 6am came around the sun was up and the seagulls were out. People said their goodbyes and it was now time to head back home: back to work and back to reality…until next time.

Photography by: © Dammo 2012

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Scott Simpson

Starting out venturing into the delves of the mod scene at the tender age of 17. A couple of years later and bitten by all things retrospective; scooters, knitwear and records have taken hold of me and I don't think they'll ever let me go - not that I really want to be that is! Currently living in London and attending the 50s and 60s clubs that the homeland has to offer, as well as traveling further afield for the different countries versions and lessons in how to party. I have been collecting record since 2009 and from that point on have been playing my take on early Rhythm and Blues, Soul and Latin Boogaloo. If you fancy a listen to what I have on offer check out my youtube channel - For now, I'll see you out on the dance floor. And for some cool threads on offer:

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Short Film: NUTs Party!

A short movie spotlighting event promoters dealing with 21st Century Modernist & Sixties Underground Music Culture. This is filmed mainly on location at The Cotton Club in London where the 14th annual Anniversary Party was held with live music from Big Boss Man and Thee Cherylinas with 2 floors of hip modernist sounds to follow late into the night.

A big thanks to Dr Robert, Chris Dale, all the NUTs DJs, Ellie on the ‘Door Squaw’ The NUTs Team, Art Direction by Barry & Denise at Pip! Pip!, Interviews by Eron Falbo, Film Unit: Edward L Dark & Robert Rob Garwood for a fine Camera Angle and Edit (The wonderful folks) and all of the loyal Modernist & 60s Folks that make the events and clubs something special!

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Pip! Pip! Are the Creative Business Engine behind various music based organisations of the cool underground variety. Providing angst, confusion, bewilderment and annoyance in equal amounts. We design/host/manage great sites like this one! Why not hire us one day soon?

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